Americana Flowers Complaints & Reviews

Americana Flowers / flower arrangement sent to family member in hospital

Jun 19, 2019

6/19/2019--order placed for floral arrangement to be sent to family member at DCH Medical Center. Name of arrangement was Zen Artistry, price 51.12. The arrangement sent was not what I ordered and I was charged $115 plus change. I spoke with a representative at Stephanie's florist which was the...

Americana Flowers / flower non delivery mother's day ruined

May 10, 2019

It's bad enough that you took my money but you ruined my Mom's Mother's Day buy not delivering flowers that I paid for. I don't live near my mom so sending her flowers males her happy. This year will think I forgot about her. I spent nearly $60 for nothing. I would try to get my money back but readig other compliants tells me I would waste my time.

Americana Flowers / anniversary bouquet

May 01, 2019

Today 5/1/19 is my 34th wedding anniversary. I ordered a bouquet from Troy'sflorist to be delivered to my wife's workplace in Newnan GA. I specifically ordered the Dance with Me arrangement located on their web site and was charged $112.13 for an upgrade to 12 roses from 9. Suffice it to...

Americana Flowers / flowers never received

May 01, 2019

I ordered flowers to be sent to radisson hotel on april 30 never sent the imfo I have from my bank is Americana flowers [protected] [protected] could you help me flowers was to be sent to the radisson hotel in freehold to Sandi Stone room 502 on the 30th of april never got thereI hope they can be deliver today please call me at [protected] thank you

Americana Flowers / been calling for months to get my money back

Apr 04, 2019

Americana Flowers Good Afternoon I cancelled my order back on 02-06-2019 and you owe me $62.00 dollars I have called several time talk to associate who said she would do that as of this date the credit has not been added to my credit card please I have called several time no help next step to get the better...

Americana Flowers / flower delivery

Feb 07, 2019

Arrange for get well flowers deliver to a folk fellow co worker. When the coworker returned I asked her about it as we did not get an email saying thank you. She advised she never got it. Called and was advised they would speak to the driver, no response se. Sent email asking for refund...

Americana Flowers / plant basket for $120.00

Jan 29, 2019

On 1/23/2019 I ordered a plant basket for my cousin as her father died. It was to be delivered that day. When I didn't hear from her I called the florist the next day. Was told not delivered but would go out today in the morning. Called again that afternoon, not delivered. Was told was not...

Americana Flowers / late/non-delivery and refusal for refund

Jan 25, 2019

I ordered flowers to be delivered same-day to my aunt in the hospital. It was confirmed that they would be sent that day in my invoice. I didn't hear from her, so emailed "Troy's Florist" asking if they went out. The response had no signature, and simply said "they are going out today." I...

Americana Flowers / non delivery of paid for flowers

Jan 03, 2019

This company is a complete and utter scam and should be shut done immediately. After ordering flowers for a friend in the hospital, they failed to deliver the flowers after 3 days of promises! They operate under various local names, while they work out of an on-line office God know...

Americana Flowers / Extra charges

Dec 20, 2016

I went online and ordered 2 dozen roses to be delivered to a place of business, and the next day this company calls to tell me that my order would be cancelled unless I pay an up charge that the local company requested. I did this because there was no time to try to find another company. I...

Americana Flowers / Scamming our local customers and hurting our reputation

Dec 16, 2015

Americana Flowers We received a phone order for a local customer from a distant florist. This happens fairly regularly so we thought nothing of it. We were asked to do an 3 orchid arrangement for $40. We doubted this flowers availability for that price so we called the alleged florist back after checking...

Americana Flowers / Funeral not delivered

Apr 20, 2015

$Ordered plants for funeral went to the visitation and they were not delivered. Call and they told me that they could not print off the delivery address. They never called me to ask for it as they could just hand write it. I called and received for poor service. I ordered something for...

Americana Flowers / Never delivered product

Feb 19, 2015

I ordered a plant and balloons from Americana Flowers via their website to have delivered to my dad's hospital room. I ordered them on 2/17/15. They were guaranteed for delivery on 2/18/15. When they never arrived, I called the phone number on the website. It rang and rang and no one...

Americana Flowers / horrible/non-existent service

Feb 17, 2015

What a scam. I ordered Birthday/Valentine's Flowers for my wife. The year before her birthday had been sidelined with health issues with my Dad. He died recently and she was very close to him. So wanted this birthday to be extra special. I ordered flowers from what I thought was a... / Bait & Switch Ripoff

May 31, 2014

Americana-Flowers.comThis business defrauds people with a hidden bait & switch statement and operates from a position of anonymity refusing to give an address or name I purchased a large bouquet of flowers from this website. They flowers were not delivered. I complained and asked for a refund and instead they...

Americana Flowers / Wrong flowers

Apr 29, 2014

Ordered 65$ flowers for a friend that recently lost her father and what she received was pure embarrassment!!! The order looked like 5$ worth of flowers! Horrible! I called for 2 days and got hung up on multiple times! Could not get ahold of owner as he was "dealing with family emergency"...

Americana Flowers / Non-Delivery & No Refund

Feb 05, 2014

I ordered flowers online which were supposed to be delivered within 24 hours. After 48 hours passed and no flowers I contacted the company and asked for a refund. I was told it would take 3-5 business days. After those dates passed I called again as I still have not received the refund...

Americana Flowers / No delivery and no refund after 2 weeks.

Oct 02, 2013

Americana Flowers I ordered flowers to be delivered to my girlfriends job on [protected] as a birthday gift. They called and said they couldn't complete the delivery. OK stuff happens no big deal so I asked for a refund. They said they were going to refund me. I called on the 16th just to make sure it...