American Zurich Insurance Co.No education in Claims Managers

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My biggest complaints with American Zurich Insurance Co. has been going on for the last 11 1/2 yrs. It always appears that the "So-Called Claims Adjuster, " appear to think that they're doctors. Because of their neglect in what the "Real Doctors" have been recommending, Zurich looks for an alternate method. When the alternative methods don't work, they say; "Let's forget everthing, because the patient appareately really have a problem."
Then the problem ocurrs, and the patient, who is more than likely on "Workmen's Compensation, " has to suffer for a long period of time. That is when the "Workmen's Compensation Patient, " has to get his attorney again, to file for another trial hearing. This is when I have suffer witha "Damage Right Shoulder, " along with the other injuries that ocurred from a fall off a building; causing [a] brain damage on the right side, [b] damage to the neck and spinal cord, [c] the upper portion of both shoulders, [d] right arm and hand, [e] right knee, and [f] left hand.
Over all, the claims adjusters, always forget that injuries really never go away. They're always looking for away out in spending money, even though the patient still linkers with the pain and suffer. All of which I have been going through for a long time, whereby they failed too many times, that my attorney has to re-issue another "court hearing."
I would like to know "When does it stop, " and when does these claims adjusters listen to what the "Qualified Doctors" are saying about a "Dislocated Shoulder, " that never healed.


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    Mike.E2 Jul 24, 2017
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    I so agree with you. Zurich left me in a Houston County Hospital (LBJ) for 7 days after my right foot injury from a fall off a ladder at work. It was when I was discharged that they had us meet our new case nurse in the Houston medical center. It was then discovered when the surgical site was had turned black and necrosis had ate up a lot of my right medial ankle. I will post a picture of my foot upon arrival at LBJ as we had plenty of time to take these pictures as they left me in a hall way with this wound exposed to everything. I will also post another picture of how much the necrosis had eaten away. This happened on 12/2/2010 which was an open calcaneal fracture. LBJ performed 2 surgeries one on 12/3/10 and another on 12/6/10 still nothing from Zurich and was discharged with orders to return on 12/19/10 keep in mind I had a surgery on the 6th but it was not checked until I meet this new Zurich case nurse and doctor.. Well on 12/10/10 after seeing new doctor picked by Zurich I was admitted to Methodist for a month to start the long road of denials and lies. If I had knew what I know now I would not be writing this. There is way too much to try and write here. So we jump to today where I am scheduling a amputation of this right foot. I have been through 15 extensive unnecessary surgeries. When I meet the doctor that Zurich had found I wish I would have been more informed on the extent of damage that was done due to the necrosis. it was later I had found out several of the Methodist doctors said it should have been amputated a choice I wish I had back in 2010. So here we are getting an amputation before 10/12/2017 as Zurich put a time limit on this procedure. Funny thing about that is they denied this amputation twice both really sad excuses. So I will post a third picture of a nerve graft being performed. This was the first nerve graft which Zurich knows they paid and approved it along with the second failed nerve graft. This was denied asking my New Excellent Gatekeeper (Doctor) for an explanation of how and where this nerve damage came from yes that is right they asked about something that cost them several hundred thousand dollars. Well needless to say we had to send it to an outside review panel. They approved it within the same day they got the file on my foot. But then Zurich puts a timeframe on it!! So now that I really don't want to file an extension on this amputation which Zurich will deny and make us send in for another approval on something that they denied and sent to an outside review panel and wait another year while Zurich plays its games. The reason my New doctor suggested an extension was I had developed cancer and had it removed. He wanted me not to feel rushed into this amputation and at least a year of negative bloodwork. Zurich could care less and that's how we found out about filing for an extension is another game. So tired of Zurich oh with this approaching wouldn't you think they would have a case nurse on this? Well they don't but will call and make them assign one as for some reason Zurich must just think I show up one day get foot chopped off and all is ok what a joke!!! This is just the tip of what has happened several different cases within this one. Live in Texas so I have no recourse Tort Reform killed any medical negligence chances. LBJ Harris county health system has Sovereignty can’t touch them for what they did to me.. Sorry cant find 3rd pic.


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  • Du
    Dustin Schmidtke Aug 31, 2011

    Yes i agree with all of the injured that are supposed to be covered by ZURICH. I was injured in 2008 at work. forced to lift 110 lbs over and over till my back was severly injured... the workers comp doctors are total dummies! they tried to fix my back until i could not walk anymore. this went on for 4 months with no mri they refused to give me a MRI for 4 month!! finally i started crying in the office from all the PAIN and FRUSTRATION. I had surgery 2 weeks later a micro discectomy even though i blew out 3 disks l 2-3 to l 4-5 !!! i was back in surgery 6 months later getting a two level fusion... after that they sent me to a pain clinic and for a functional cmopcity exam. they said i was 23 percent disabled. the pain clinic treats my pain and depression from my pain to this day!!! for the rest of my life!!! ZURICH did not belive this was needed and said i was fine so they STOP'ED PAYING EVEN THOUGH I STILL HAVE A BAD DISK FROM THE ORIGINAL INJURY... i was sent to another doc by them and they paid him to tell them im perfectly fine!!! i have been to multiple doctors i have paid for myself and every one of them has said ZURICH needs to continue to pay for my injury!!! wich they will not.. on top of all this the doctor gave me a 15 lb lifting restriction as a permenent restriction and my work would not honor it they were going to fire me and so ZURICH had them change the restriction to 40 lbs... i have been done wrong in so many ways its not funny!!! i live with pain every day of my damb life and they still expect me to work a normal job wich a cant!!! as a result of this i had my right knee go out a torn miniscus becasue i could not feel my leggs going down the stairs!!! i NEED HELP VERY VERY BADLY I HAVE A WIFE AND 2 KIDS TO SUPPORT AND NO MEANS OF DOING SO!!! IF YOU KNOW OF SOMEONE THAT CAN HELP ME OR IF YOU CAN HELP ME PLEASE CONTACT ME AT [email protected] or [email protected] thank you very much!!!

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    Dr Robert Oct 15, 2010
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    I suffered a Broken Neck in 2003, and they are still fighting me over getting Healed.
    They authorized my Surgery, when I was being prepped and sedated for surgery, they called the Hospital and told them That Zurich would not be responsible for the Hospital & Surgeon's bills. So they pulled me from the OR, Gave me an anesthesia antagonist to wake me up, and sent me home. They were not denying Treatment, only Denying Payment. Go Figure.

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  • Pr
    Prometheus Von douchbag Jul 18, 2010

    Welcome to the world of Workman's Compensation. My Struggle with Zurich North American has been ongoing for over 7 years now.
    Because of their Unprofessional Practices, I will now have to live in Constant pain for the rest of my life.
    I over heard a comment while on the phone to my"Adjuster" in 2007. Here is what transpired:

    I called to speak with my "Adjuster" and find out about a surgical authorization that had been submitted almost 45 days prior.
    The "Adjuster" placed me on hold while she accessed some files.
    After about 6 minutes being subjected to Unending Prather about their services the line was picked up by someone NOT my "Adjuster" and she ask who I was holding for.
    I Gave her my "Adjuster"'s name and said I was waiting on an "Auth" for Surgery.
    This person placed her hand over the mouthpeice and called my "Adjuster's" Name aloud.
    "XXXXXXXX" "There is a Mr. XXXXXX on line 3 for an "Auth".
    To which the heard response was:
    "Screw him, He will die before we authorize any surgery" "Just tell him we are still waiting for the Doctors reply, and maybe he will OD on his pain medication before we have to pay for it"
    I had an attorney within the next HOUR

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  • Ty
    tytyty May 30, 2010
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    I am a truck driver and in my contract had to get this insurance... I injured my right knee and had ti hv surgery, it has not healed and stated i should hv been to back to wrk in 6wks.. True i hv arthospy on myeft knee which was good and went back to work... This Knee is not and they are blaiming it on osterarthirdis.. I had slight arthisis at the start they were aware, i hv never had any problems until my injury, it is not arthitis, also they had a physician to review my drs notes and he dertime i should be at wrk/ This phatom physcian has no name and he has failed toveiw my xrays or mri, or pt notes ..My last physician is under medical review for the treatment// My Benifits are cut i have no income and it still under review.. This TJ website [email protected] Please help..

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  • Jo
    joeunruh Apr 22, 2009

    you are totaly telling the truth i was hurt at a job in 2001 my right shoulderv was engered so bad i took off work when i found out that it hert so bad i couldent work i had to go to a doc but when i whent to there doc they seaid that i just needed to have phisical tharipy i whent threw that for three weeks when i seaid that was making it worse i ended up being able to talk to a arm doc when i saw him he did all the x rays and found that my shoulder had to have surgery well this was going on zurich wasent paying me for time lost befor i was hurt i was making only $7 dollers an hour so when i ended looking for an attrunny they all seaid that i dident make enough mony for them to take the case so i ended taking them to court i did win $2000 and they had to continue to pay me lost wages then i got surgery and a few cheaks after surgery i felt that it dident work like it was sopost to but i did continu tharipy for three mounths but my shoulder still hert so i tould the doc he did a few movment test and seaid that i probly need anouther sergery when i took this info to zurich and they seaid they would get back to me so a week whent but and i called them but they seaid that they wornt abble to give me an answer i was working with limatations and half the hours they also wornt paying me any lost wages i was still seeing the doc and ended up geting fired for not being at work and comming in late when i got fired i wasw trying to pay bills and get food and live but they dident help so i hade to find work i did a few jobs that i dident need to use arm well i was tring to get moor info about trying to get anoouther surgery but when i tryed to make appoint ments with the doc he seaid that zurich was dening me so i ended hurting my outher arm but that insurence was grate beacuse sence i lost work my mom and dad ended up moving to Or state so sence idident have mony i whent with them i continued to call zurich but no reply when i got to Or state i got my outher shoulder fixed and got some mony when i did i desided to go to school in az i keeped calling them and never herd nouthing back about three mountyhs from graduating i was in so much pain that i quit i opened a wcc and ended up taking them to court again but this time they whanted a qme so i whent to one he seaid that it might take a few weeks to get the info back to me zurich ended uop not wating for resalts they set up a court date befor the resalts where out on my shoulder i whent to cort with all my medicale reports i thought i had enough proof to get them to pay for anouther opperation but there atterny was not to nice and budy budy with the juge they seaid that the info i hade was to old to use and that with out the Qme report i dident have a case so i flew back to az got some security job but after three weeks i got the Qme report that stated that i needed surgery then a few weeks later zurich sent a leter saying they would pay me $5000 to just forget that i was hert and drop the clame i wrote back saying no i would like to have a surgery i ended up going hungry and didnt have a job i moved back to Or state to live with parents i called wcc to see if i can take them to cout again but they seaid that the case was closed and that i needed a atturny to reopen my case i have tryied but havent been able to get one my shoulder has frozen up a few times so i whent to a doc to get refered to a spesalest i finaly have seen a speashalist that took mri and x rays of it he seaid that i need surgery right away but sence i dont have mony i cant pay for it so i am trying to get or halth services to pay for it i am sopost to here from them in a few weeks to say if i am covered and i am scegaled for surgery on the 13 of may i hope for the best if any one knows if i can sue zurich or have them pay for everything . PLEASE HELP ME IF YOU CAN ANY ONE PLEASE

    IF YOU CAN HELP ME MY EMAIL IS : [email protected]

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