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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.
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American Timeshare Marketing / Timeshare sale fraudulent promises


To whom it may concern Re: Timeshare sale fraudulent promises We listed our timeshare we own in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl with American Timeshare Marketing after we received a phone call on September 17-07 and a promise that they will sale it within a few weeks with no extra fees for a fee of...

American Timeshare Marketing / Scam!

Prestige and American Timeshare Marketing are the exact same company. Samantha and Jessica are they same girl. For obvious reasons the owner had to change names because how would he take your money twice or get any new clients. I think you guys need to know a few things. If you call and...

American Timeshare Marketing / Scam


Wanted to sell timeshare in California. Was contacted by this company and they talked a good line but as I now have determined they only wanted our money. Paid $499 (discounted price according to them). Since then I have tried to contact them several times by phone (Steve) and got...

American Timeshare Marketing / Big rip off!

I am the owner of Krystal Resort property in Cancun and I decide to sell this timeshare. I spoke in May 2007 with Emrem Resort Rental and Resale Specialists representative and I pay $549.00 for this services. This company offers to advertise this property for lifetime. In September I got phone...