American Swissnon return of guess sunglasses which went for repairs & months ago


My name is Thando Pollet Kelefitlhetse
Contact no:[protected]

Im so hurt as I write this;
Late December 2018, I returned my guess sunglasses for repairs as they had a loose screw or something along those lines. I have now gone back and forth to the store without any help. I was told to look for the sale receipt which I cant find but I remember I took with to the store when returning them. The last woman to assist me at the store (American Swiss, Airport Junction, Botswana), is the worst to assist. She makes empty promises, excuses of being absent, and now I do not knw what will be her latest excuse for not getting back to me about something which was expensive for me, yet I have no possession of because the people charging me interest on it find nothing wrong in solving the case of 'non return of a customer's goods". Im actually fed up to be honest, ive held my patience for way too long..& months without sunglasses, yet if I default on payment u get into a marathon to make sure you get your money?

I believe someone should have made it their business to communicate with me why I have still not yet received back my shades, and not wait for me to always go to the shop. As a customer, I work hard for my money, and if I spend it on luxury goods, I have no extra to spend on a similar item. I expect to have full use of the item. You are failing us as a company. I just want to scream and ask where my glasses are, and if they are nowhere to be found, where is my compensation and why is it taking me to make afool of myself coz clearly no one is bothered. Are you a company focused on profits only and forgeting where the profits are coming from? To be honest, I am no longer interested in the glasses coz things come and go out of fashion.

Also please let me know why I do not receive my statements online, mail or any other way, yet you email me to remind me of late payments? How would I know If im being charged right or not?

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