American Search Partners Complaints & Reviews

American Search Partners / SCAM!!!!!!!!


What ever you do please do not use these people. They are a con and will take your money for services that they do not provide. They charge you and will not stop...They promise to get you a job/inteviews and of course they provide nothing. Make you do a lot of homework and more or less you...

American Search Partners / FRAUD


This Company is a FRAUD, Nick D, uva and Natalia looked right at me during 4 Interviews and let me here everything I wanted to here. Ask me to bring my WIFE and i did and told here that her husband could make 100, 000 per year. Also asked here to fill out a questionnaire and she did, Nick...

American Search Partners / It's a huge scam and a waste of time


I was contacted by some mouth breather who said that she was given my resume. Then she asked if I was employed. I said, "I thought you were looking at my resume!" She asked a few other lame questions and set up an appointment. I met with a very unprofessional looking Lisa Etheredge. She...

American Search Partners / Nick D'uva


Was called and told by Mr. Williams that his boss wanted to meet with me regarding a position he had after viewing my resume. I asked what position and he said I would need to talk to Nick since he had the position and was a recruiter. About an hour before the interview I viewed their site...

American Search Partners / Terrible business


This place is such a SCAM, they will tell you they can "help" you find a job when really they just take your money, give you a campaign manager(who is of no help), and then after a month or two, they don't call you anymore if you are not getting any interviews by yourself. They DO NOT...

American Search Partners / POSITIVE COMMENTS


FYI!!! If I knew how to spell out loud screaming and huge sighs of relief, I would. My experience was great and I am very thankful for their help.