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American Puppy ClubFraud and lies


1/26/08 What a horror it has been in dealing with 'American Puppy Club' I Bought a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy from them on 11/11/07, he was very tiny and very sweet, He came down with the sniffles and a cough on day 4 of being home with us. I took him to our Vet on 11/16/07 at 'Red Bank Veterinary Hospital' where he was diagnosed with pneumonia after having 3 chest x-rays done which our Vet recommended due to the way his lungs sounded, as well as his running a fever. Our Vet sent us home with several medications along with an unfit for sale letter. She also advised us that he may need to be admitted if he did not get any better in 24 hours. I called American Puppy and told them what our Vet had found, They asked me to bring the puppy back to them ASAP so that their Vet could take care of him and that they could get some food into him, they were closing and would wait for me to get there for me to bring all his paper work with me. My husband and I bundled up our puppy and went to American Puppy, they had me sign a form which was for a full refund, one sales girl took the puppy to the back along with his paper work and then came back up front with another sales girl and informed me I had filled out the wrong form and had me sign a new one, I was so distracted by the sales girl who took our puppy to the back she was going on and on about how he might not make it I signed the 2nd form without reading it like I had read the first one, I was shocked over the prospect that our puppy might not make it. I didn't read the form until a few days after, I was busy running between my job and home and to American Puppy to spend time with our Puppy. My Sister, brother in-law and my nephews came in from Pittsburgh for a Jet game, While the boys were at the game my sister and I went to visit my puppy, My sister was shocked at how sick he was and asked me if he was going to die. The sales girl over heard us and said we had your sister sign a store credit form in case he doesn't make it she can get a replacement puppy. After a long discussion with my sister, brother in-law and my husband we decided not to take the puppy back as he was so ill, we informed American Puppy that we wanted our money back, They said you signed a form for Store credit stating you were returning the puppy for personal reasons not because he was unfit for purchase, I said I gave you a copy of the vet bill and the unfit for sale letter from out vet the night we returned him to you 11/16/07. They said we never got a copy of the unfit for sale letter and you signed a form stating that.

I stopped dealing with American Puppy and wrote a letter to SCA the financing company to dispute my bill for the $1600, I let them know I do not have the puppy, I sent them a copy of the unfit for sale letter as well as the bill from our vet, a copy of the Store Contract, and a copy of the form they had me sign, I mailed it to them certified return receipt requested.

I am waiting to hear back from them, I plan on going to court if needed.

If anyone out there wants to start a class action law suit please contact me as I'd like all of us to be heard, and have our day in court.


  • Ki
    Kimal Apr 23, 2017
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    Verified customer

    Yes I want to get these people close down I bought a Australian Shepard from them I received 3 not for for sale try to return pup girls rude made me feel like garbage Imy pup was coughing diarrhea sneezing but she was still happy pup I could not longer deal with thone sales girls they love the dogs so much that why half of them are sick anyway I still have my baby I took care of her stopped dealing with the girls in shop called my bank and its been 35 days and breeders club never responded to my complain but they are horrible lied nasty sales people you are dealing with one girl then you got 3 girls trying to brain wash you my puppy was 3, 640.00 And 3 days off from work to deal with my baby and the nonsense of going back and forth to the shop and doctor YES ANYONE WANTS TO START A COMPLAIN AGAINST THEM I AM INTERESTED MY EMAIL [email protected] thankyou

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  • Ag
    AG11 Jun 12, 2015

    BUYER BEWARE: You are most likely going to end up with a sick puppy that came from unsafe conditions. THEY ARE DEALING PUPPY MILL DOGS!!! Should you find this daunting as I did know that this store will do nothing to help you. And even after knowing this and deciding to take the risk because you fell in love with an animal they will hold any and all information hostage!!! DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS OPERATION!!! READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE BUYING!!! DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE!!

    Abe J Miller is a known PUPPY MILL breeder from Baltic, Ohio. dealing out of Quail Creek Kennels in Charm Ohio ... look it up!!

    I purchased a Shar Pei Beagle Mix Puppy from American Puppy/Breeders Club of America May 23, 2015 after falling in love with him in the store. They told me he was from a responsible breeder in Ohio and fed me a whole story about their ethical breeding practices. While in the store I noticed his left eye looked a little extra pink but they assured me it was nothing. A week and a half later, 3 vet visits and some very expensive vet bills. He developed cherry eye, turned eye infection turned prolasped eyelid in a matter of days. On top of that he had begun to cough and gag on a regular basis. The owner gave me an ultimatum to return the dog but I had decide by the next day. I went back and forth and cried like hell trying to figure out the right choice knowing this could be the beginning of a lifetime of expenses should this continue as it had begun. I opted to return the puppy even though it broke my heart and spent and hour and a half in the store crying and trying to weigh my options. She assured me that the puppy would be fine and they would get it the care it needed and would go back to the nice breeders from which it came and be with a family. Upon this assurance I reluctantly left the store and 9:30pm that evening. I woke up the next morning realizing I had made a mistake and called to say I would pick the puppy up and I wanted to take it no matter what. Beth told me the dog was no longer there and had been sent back to the breeder. I was floored and heartbroken that he could be just gone and on his way to Ohio so quickly. I said surely you must be able to track him, he has a chip...he is with your breeder.. it should be easy.. and I'd like to give him a home. She refused any of this saying she didn't have any information. Now how is this possible if you are running a business? How can you not have any information. My mother called a little while later to see if she could help and she was told he was at the vet getting surgery on his eye. (The first of many conflicting stories) This would go on for the next few days. A friend had a contact at the Humane Society Corporate office and she was kind enough to research the breeder to help me locate the dog.. Come to find out he has come from a man name Abe J Miller who is a known PUPPY MILL breeder from Baltic, Ohio. dealing out of Quail Creek Kennels in Charm Ohio. After 3 days calling every vet office in the Ohio area I was able to find someone who knew this breeder. Turns out he is Amish and without a telephone. (convenient) and the store is the only one who can actually tell me where the little guy has gone to and they have become increasingly hostile to deal with and absolutely refuse to help me find him. I am crushed!!! BUYER BEWARE!!!

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  • Do
    Doglove Apr 13, 2013

    Buyer beware

    On April 4th I purchase a Golden Retriever for my daughter she has always
    wanted one. I had the dog four days and now it's bleeding from her rectum.
    American Puppy Club called me on Sunday to see how the dog was doing. When I
    expressed my concerns the girl jumped down my throat and tried to blame me.
    I explained to the female I had dog's my entire life and just to be on the
    safe side I had a schedule appointment with my vet first thing in the morning.
    The girl said fine and told me to call them back to let them know how my dog was
    doing. I'm going to go in detail but the girl was pretty snotty and that's
    putting it mildly.

    It wasn't a few minutes later and now there is a new person
    calling me from American Puppy Club I did not answer I was busy with my dog.
    They called my partner and sucker her into returning the dog claiming they only
    wanted to do right by us and this was the best thing for the dog. Alex one of
    the many nasty ignorant idiot's working there advised my partner she had to
    return the dog and sign a paper saying she return the dog for personal reason
    and even though the sale price was $964.57 the paper said there was a credit of
    $700.00. This is all twisted and distorted Alex told my partner the paper meant
    nothing it is the only way they could help the dog and it was still our dog and
    we would have the dog back in three days tops. They claim to see this all the
    time and most likely it's parasite which did not make us feel any better.Each day
    passed we would pray they would call us and say you can pick your puppy up.
    But no one has called me I had to do all the calling.

    My partner went to visit our dog everyday even took our daughter. finally five days into this and still
    no dog and we our out over $900.00 we was told the poop came back clear but the
    Vet wanted her held for a few more days. I called Thursday I had the pleasure of
    speaking with Alex she wanted to use the contract against me but they took my
    contract so you cannot use it against a consumer if they do not have it and the
    company/puppy mill took it back. She called my partner names like a simple minded person
    would. She said it was common sense we could have went to our Vet but tried to
    again twist things and make it like we needed them and went begging for help
    when that is far from the truth!. I demeaned to speak to the store Manager I was
    told no! by Alex I advised her it is my right to speak with a Manager, She had
    Terry get on the phone who is the dog trainer she lied and manipulated me by
    telling me she was the store Manager and said there was nothing she could do. I
    suggested she get my dog to the vet ASAP so I can take her home. She said they
    was short staff that day but would have my dog seen by the vet tomorrow at 12:30
    Friday and everything looked good.

    We stopped there Thursday as a family to visit our dog and she looked so excited to see us.
    My daughter was promised she would have her dog back the next day. I was promised I would
    receive a phone call right after the vet appointment well needless to say we was lied to once
    again I'm sure you see the pattern by now with these despicable ###!

    We had to call them for answers as to the status of the Vet visit Stephanie called
    me saying the dog was fine and poop can back clear there is no more bleeding
    but she could not release our dog back to us because the dog now has a cold and
    she had no idea how that happen.And now it was going to be next week sometime
    before I would have my dog back. I hit the roof I said this is crazy and we had
    our vet contact them saying we had a apartment for that day and we was willing
    and able to care for our dog. They refused I called the Vet's office where my
    dog was seen and was tipped off the dog was be treated for kennel cough which
    was passed to my dog from there facility.

    Needless to say we are still out our money and no dog. The toys are shared by all the dogs they are never cleaned. That would cause sickness to pass along from one pup to the next rather quickly and
    easy. I feel sorry for the dog's they are the true victims here and I know you
    here about stuff like this all the time. But if you search Complaints American
    Puppy Club in Middletown NJ you will see how many family have fallen victim of
    these MONSTERS!!! My partner went there Friday night warning other to RUN!!!
    the cops came the officer even told them give them there dog or give them
    there money! They refused! I hope this post helps someone else before they fall
    victim APC (AKA A1 PUPPY) THEY OPEN UNDER there new name because Animal control
    shut there ### down! I wish I knew all this before we went there.Now I feel like I need to rescue my poor dog out of there. • Location: MIDDLETOWN, NJ

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  • Ra
    RarelyComplain Nov 06, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Some so-called professional breeders get their puppies from other "breeders" and that includes puppy mills. Go to some of the other complaint sites and you'll see the "cat fights" that go on between these breeders...then google the breeders' sites'll learn a lot about how that business works. You have to investigate the situation very well especially if you're gonna spend more than a little chump change for a puppy.

    Lorvin's comment about excellent examples of breeds available at these places is true. Petland has better looking Bostons than almost any high falllutin Boston breeder is hawking... at least in my experience.

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  • Lo
    LORVIN May 15, 2012

    I find the place to be very clean, and the dogs to be beautiful examples of their breed.
    The girls are helpful, and most if them are knowledgeable about what they are talking about. Only thing i didnt like, was you cant get the price for a puppy until you are ready to go home with it, and it seems like its lets make a deal...ok, i get there is room to breathe...but i did however notice the cards on the pups cages say where they came from. I went home and found out, these states that are on their cards that say where they came from have the highest numbers of puppy mills, especially Arkansas.
    I also have never seen or recieved a phone call for when the $199.00 puppies come in.
    I have since removed myself from their call list and email updates. I chose to go to a reputable breeder. The prices are about the same, and i feel like i have less of a chance to get my heart broken or to find my new puppy has health issues. One girl there said something that just didnt make any sense to me, so it was sort of a deal breaker as well. I am glad that there are people that have gone there and have had success welcoming their new puppy to their family...i just in my heart cant justify whats going on in there with the secrecy as far as pricing, health warranties, and where the dogs came from. I do however love the fact that they offer training with every pup. One other thing i didnt care for is i had a couple of questions after inquiring about a puppy, i spoke to a "manager" seemed she was giggling and paying attention to someone else while she was humoring me on the phone while i was expressing my concerns, i found it to be a bit rude...but thats me.
    Puppies get you with their vulnerability and their pure cuteness, but you have to think long term, go to a breeder after you and your family have settled on a breed that fits your lifestyle. Also, just because you think a dog is cute doesnt mean its the breed for you. Do your homework on dog personalities. Thats how they end up in shelters which is why so many dogs get put down, they were a bad fit from the start.

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  • Ch
    Cheriepie Apr 04, 2012

    I briefly worked here before quitting in disgust after a month. EVERY puppy in this place comes from a puppy mill. When I worked there I checked the names of the kennels on the puppies paperwork and then looked them up--every one is a notorious puppy mill. However, the owners give employees hours of lessons on how to lie to customers about where they come from. You kno whow when you ask the price of a puppy, the employee will say Well, let me go call the breeder and see if they ll come down at all? Then they go into the office? Yeah, they re not calling anyone. They have a minimum price they ll sell the puppy for and will generally quote the customer double that. They go stand in the office for a few minutes trying to decide how much they can get out of you. Puppies that have been there for several months without selling, and are starting to lose the cute factor are kept in the back, in cages barely big enough for them to turn around in. They only get to come out of these cages once a day for about ten minutes when the cage is cleaned. These are the puppies sold for $199. By this time, they re 6 or more months old and will have numerous problems--they ve never been properly socialized or handled so they will have tons of behavioral problems. They will also be impossible to housebreak after getting used to defecating in the same place they eat and sleep. The day I quit was the day I discovered something extremely disturbing...the owner went into his office and opened a locked door. Behind that door was a closet-sized room with rows of cages full of puppies. These were the puppies that were too obviously sick for sale. These puppies were locked away in this hidden room without even a light on...isolated, in total darkness, in a locked room ALL the time. It was a month before I even knew this room existed!!! After quitting I went on to become a vet tech at a local veterinary hospital. It was there that I really got to see how bad American Puppy Club least two or three times a day we d have people coming in with sick puppies that they had just bought. APC is constantly selling unhealthy dogs. In the best cases, they had easily treatable kennel cough or worms. But then there were the ones with hip dysplasia...luxating patellas...the Boston terrier they had charged extra for, telling the new owners it was because the dog was already neutered. He wasn t. He had a condition called cryptoorchid, which required expensive surgery. And the worst was having to look in the face of the little kids as they were told their 8 week old brand new puppy had to be put to sleep because they had parvo. This is all because American Puppy Club gets their puppies from puppy mills and gets the health problems that go with that. PLEASE do not shop here. Please do not support the vicious cycle of abuse of puppy mill dogs. The owners will lie through their teeth to make you believe they don t buy from puppy mills, but I watched that truck come in full of puppies, and I saw the kennel names on their paperwork. Each and every one is from a puppy mill.

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  • De
    Debvgn Oct 30, 2011

    Please reconsider approaching this establishment for purchase before doing some research. Go research puppy mills and this will explain the horrific conditions that go with these stores and the parents of the puppies for sale as they get taken away too soon and they have a list of violations (they are “not” accredited with the BBB). American Puppy Club is even listed at ripoff website which have testimonials of past customers unfortunate experiences. They also try to take advantage of customers trying to charge 5 times the normal price unless one is prepared to haggle the price down. They are breeding for profit and do not care about their welfare. These puppies should not have to be put in this situation from over breeding while hundreds pets in shelters are in need of love and get killed every day

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  • Ha
    happy with them Aug 24, 2010

    i would just like to say that i purchased a puppy there and i brought the puppy back to them when it was ill, they had me sign forms but even though i was distraught about what was going on with my puppy i read them and asked questions about what i didnt understand. they called me and i called them for updates on the puppy and even though it took almost 2 weeks to get my puppy back he was healthy at no expense to me and still is. i think a lot of the issues people have with them is because the people with the puppies, not the people that work there arent thinking clearly or paying attention. when you buy from a pet store you may have issues with the puppy but at least these people help and try to make right.

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