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air conditioning

I have been paying American Home Shield for coverage to my home for 18 years and everytime I report a claim they blame me for the problem. They patch work the probleem and give me a very difficult time to get results. They work together with the companies they hire. The technician always blames the repair on the home owner

  • Ol
    Olive Gray Coe Sep 07, 2010

    It was great to feel the support by the substantiated reports and complaints of many others who have been duped by A.H.S. I want to join your Class Action Law Suit against their dishonest and arrogant organization. I, too, have been a member for 8 years. They send incompetent workers from far off companies who often end up either making more calls to do the job or misdiagnosing the problem. My ASKO high quality washing machine should have been repaired and instead they replaced it with a bottom of the line Maytag that didn't match my dryer and has no upgrades on it. When the Maytag was delivered, the mechanic told me he couldn't understand why my ASKO wasn't repaired. The A.H.S. mechanic told me parts weren't available when they actually were. Now I'm stuck with a washer I hate, that doesn't match my dryer.
    When my refrigerator froze up on the back panel A.H.S. the service man came and asked for my hair dryer to melt the ice and said it was repaired. Two days later it froze up again and I had to initiate another call to have a part replaced that should have been done on the initial call. When my microwave oven needed repair the mechanic came out and offered to repair or replace it but took no measurements or information needed to replace parts. When I opted for repairs he had to come a second time to get the requirements for repair instead of doing it on the initial visit. This meant he made an additional call at a cost that wasn't necessary.
    Now I have an A/C unit that needs a new evaporator coil, supply plenum, drip pan float, switch and mastric seal. I understand that all these parts come in a sealed unit, ready to be attached to my furnace A/C system. A.H.S. refuses to pay for the whole sealed unit and has broken out these pieces of the unit into separate parts and itemized them as additional parts for which they will not pay. They will only pay for the coil and plenum. They offered a cash-out of $500 toward an expense totaling $2, 000.
    Sending incompetent service people from far off places in other towns initiates unnecessary travel expenses and extends the time to make the call, a foolish, inefficient, unnecessary expense that could be eliminated and would save A.H.S. money in the long run.

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one and a half weeks went by with no repairman calling or returning

May 3rd 2006 my heat pump for my central air unit was smoking and not working properly. I called American Home Shield and turned in a work order as this item is under warranty. 4 days later a heating and air conditioner company came out and looked at the unit, notice a break in the freon line, said would have to order parts and would be back in a couple of days. One and a half weeks went by with no repairman calling or returning. Called AHS again and next day the repairman returned with a filter dryer and a copper "T" saying the items just came in... (these are standard hardware items, and the repairman never took down a model number or anything else on the 1st visit). He installed these two items, recharged the unit, looked at it for 15 minutes and said its all fixed and left. He never went inside the house to check how it was working on air, never checked the heating or anything else. I asked him about the snoke from the unit and he just shrugged his shoulders and said its all fixed. Later that afternoon while the unit was running I again saw smoke cominig from it, smelled a burning smell, and the circuit breaker tripped stopping the unit. Again I called AHS. The next day the repairman came out ran the unit again for about 15 min, checked the freon level, said its all fixed. I asked him about the smoke and burning smell and all he could say was well the unit is old and should be replaced, he said he would talk to his boss and they would call AHS and see what could be done about replacing it, and they would call me later that day. Again later that day the unit was smoking and I could smell a burnt smell from it, and the breaker tripped. I called AHS again. The next day AHS called me twice saying the repairman would call us and would come out again and this time run the unit longer before he came out cause he would actually have to see the unit burning before he could do anything further. I kept the unit off, waited for the repairman that never called that day or the next and the following evening again contacted AHS not only complaining about the heat pump but also this repair company. The next day AHS called saying they would send another company out to check the unit that day. That afternoon another repaiman arrived (from a different company) opened up the unit and immediately saw a burnt circuit board, burnt wires, burnt switch, terminal, and a relay. I told him of the previous repair and the parts replaced and he said thats not the problem here. He stated the unit was old (20 years) and any repairs would just be a temporary fix. I told him how we had the unit repaired 4 times in the last four years thru AHS. He said the unit should be replaced and not repaired but had doubts about AHS doing that as that isnt the way the conduct business. This was on a Friday, so he said they would contact AHS and get back to me on Monday. On Monday the repairmans boss called and said I had 2 options. #1 clean the furnace, replace the outside heat pump (with pre change over to 13 seer unit as per Govt regs) for a cost of $2000.00. But he also added that this would just be a partial fix as the inside unit would still give me problems... option #2 and his recomendation is he would replace both the inside and outside unit with a brand new 13 seer ( as per Govt law) unit for $4089.00. I asked how much AHS was putting toward this and he said they want to repair the old unit and arent allowing more than $250.00. I asked if this was safe and he said No, but thats AHS Since then I have been going round and round with AHS about this. The current repair they are willing to pay is $175.00 for a new circuit board and some wires only.

not honoring warranty-terriable service!!!

PART 1-I contacted American Home Shield in June in regards to my A/C not working. They sent someone out to evaluate the issue and they did not fix it. They had stating there was something wrong with the wiring in the ground. They called AHS and requested that the service call be contracted to the org. company that did the work. When this company came out, again nothing was done. During this entire process I called AHS on several occasions to get the run around by a rep that sounded like they were smacking gum and knew nothing on how to communicate with customers. Now keep in mind I live in Texas, Texas heat is unbearable, did they care? NO!!! They finally told me after 3 appts that my unit is undersized for my home and that it would not be covered anymore. This is 2 weeks later!!! Also, keep in mind I have had their warranty for almost 2 years and they ALWAYS serviced my unit without a problem. Did they care about this point?NO!!! I had to pay out of pocket to get this fixed.
Part 2- I called AHS the beginning of June in regards to my electrical problems. Improper wiring in dining room(2 hots touching in attic), a short in the living room, electical improper install on stove outlet. Just to let you know I paid extra to have their extended plan to cover these types of things. After 4 appts with Jesco electric I was still at square one with nothing fixed. At this point and hours wasted on useless customer service calls I gave up at this point. A week later I figured to call AHS to explain my issue AGAIN. They finally sent another company that a. was able to fix the first 2 issues on my warranty b. ontime!!! c. didn't give me the run around. The most alarming issue is in my living room I had a burnt outlet that was covered up by previous homeowner and would never have noticed. The wires were hot!!! This could have caused a house fire at anytime!!! Question, why did it take 5 appts to take care of the issue????

Needless to say after all of these issues and the "I don't care attitude" with AHS and "we never return calls or offer refunds" I canceled. Just the icing on the cake... AHS sent me a bill for 60.00 for Jesco Electric service fee. I already paid this on the FIRST VISIT!!! Now I am on hold for 26 minutes trying to talk to someone. THEY SHOULD NOT BE IN BUSINESS!!!

  • Me
    meeker Jul 27, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I contacted AHS in May of 2012 about my air conditioner, they sent someone out and they said the unit had burned up. The unit is old and they have fixed it three times, but now it has to be replaced. The people that came out sent them a work order to replace the unit because it was burned up, this was two months ago. They sent them the wrong air conditioner .so now the air conditioning company had to reorder the system. I called American Home Shield and told them I was not going to pay them anymore until it was solved. They told me they could not hold off on the payments, so we had to go buy window units to put in my house, as you know Texas is very hot and I live in a mobile home and I have breathing problems. So when I contacted them I told them I wanted to be reimbursed for the unit we bought .The supervisor told us to sent the receipts to this address and they would see what they could do. The people reordered the the air conditioner, now I still have to wait several more weeks if not longer, hopefully I will have it my winter. If not me and this company will go head to head, they will pay for my time not there.

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I strongly believe that ahs is in collusion with these rogue contractors to ripoff their customers

Americam Home Shield (AHS) warranty service is a big scam. On three separate occasions, I called AHS to report about problems with my appliances. Each time they sent a contractor who reported that my appliance has not been maintained properly, accordingly, AHS refused to pay to get the appliance repaired. In fact, the contractors called and requested that the service will not be covered by AHS but they willing to fix or replace the appliance as a separate deal.

I called the CEO office but only got the standard AHS response that my appliance were not maitained and as such they will not pay for the repair. I have read the complaints from other customers and the complaints are the same. I spoke to a number of my neighbors only to find out that they have had the same problem with AHS and have since changed to to companies.

It is regretable that ServiceMaster, a reputable and well regarded company that prides itself with integrity and superior quality in all their services will allow their subsidiary to stoop so low to ripoff their cutomer. I strongly believe that AHS is in collusion with these rogue contactors to ripoff their customers. It is rather unfortunate as AHS management appear not to have any integrity in what they do.

they refused to dispatch the service unless we paid for this previous service call that should not have been charged

American Home Shield is the home warranty company for my house. We place a call to dispatch service to the house. They ask us to be there for 3 hours waiting for them to show up for them to run late to the appointment. However they did not call before they go to the house for the service call. My son was still asleep, and could not hear the door bell. We send another son to go to the house, only 5 minutes away from the house. When my son got there, the technician already left. When we called American Home Shield, their service representations was so rude, and repeated many times that we still had to pay for the service fee of $50.00. I told them it was wrong. Repeated calls to different representatives still had the same obnoxious answer. Call to the so called supervisor with no better answer. It is bad business practive that a company would require a consumer to wait there for a minimum of 3 hours to wait for them to show up, and they would not allow a mutual courtesy to wait for a few minutes for some one to be at the site. American Home shield states" It is not their job to call before they go, it is the home owners reponsibility to be at the house!!!"

In order to have them dispatch again to take care of another AC problem, they refused to dispatch the service unless we paid for this previous service call that should not have been charged. I have no choice but to pay!!!

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horrible service

I've had AHS for well over 15 years and up until this particular incident have been mostly satisfied with the service they provided when called.

The third week of May I awoke to water pouring through the ceiling of my son's bedroom from the the Central A/C unit located in the attic. I called American Home Shield, who sent out a contractor within a day. The contractor blew out the lines, stating that there was a blockage and left.

On May 21, I called the contractor back to tell him that water was again coming through the ceiling.

He returned on May 22 and stated that there was a problem with the recoil and he needed to order a part, which would take 3-5 business days to arrive. Having heard nothing by June 7, I began leaving messages for the contractor.

On June 10 the contractor called to say that AHS sent him the wrong part and he needed to verify the model and serial number from the unit. He then told me the correct part would be in within 3-5 business days.

On June 17, having still not heard from the contractor, I called AHS to complain. I received a bunch of apologies, with AHS placing the blame on the contractor for ordering the wrong part.

I made four more calls to AHS between June 18 and June 28, with more excuses regarding suppliers. On June 28 the contractor appeared with the parts. Over the course of the next three hours, he took apart the entire unit. He then proceeded to tell me that there was something wrong with the furnace portion and that he needed or order another part which would take 3-5 business days. I called AHS, who said that they had to wait for him to call for approval before they could do anything. They offered to expedite the part delivery so it would be there in 3 days (from the time the contractor ordered it). I pushed them and they agreed to stay in contact with the contractor to make sure it was ordered that day.

On July 5, the day after a holiday weekend, I called AHS to ask for a status and was told that the part should have been delivered to the contractor on July 2. I made multiple attempts to call the contractor, but couldn't leave a message as his voicemail was full. I again called AHS, who said they had to find out if he received the part. They were supposed to call me back before close of business. No return call. I continued to try to contact the contractor. No return call and voicemail full.

On July 9 I spoke with AHS. This time I was told that there was a problem with the supplier and they had to order the part from another supplier. Now the part is expected in on Monday, July 12. The only thing anyone can say to me is 'I'm sorry, we have no control over the suppliers".

How sad. They just destroyed a 15+ year positive relationship from someone who has referred business to them over the years. We've had multiple days with temperatures over 100 degrees. This problem began in May -- over two months ago -- and it continues not to be fixed.

  • Ja
    Jacob Taylor Aug 09, 2011

    On Aug 6 2010 I called AHS Warranty service to sent a repairman to fix my attic fan, he was from Adam Electric company, of the state of Georgia. fron time he arrived to my house he started to complain on attic conditions, i paid him 60.00 bucks to here his B.S. He never called me back to see when he could come back to fix the attic fan. One year later I called AHS to get my attic fan fixed, you got it, they sent the same guy, you got it, he started complaining from the time he got here, this time I put down a floor in the attic, it was in the wrong place, my friend doug, just say you don't want to fix the fan and you just want a free 60.00 bucks.

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terrible service

This company prey's on stealing money from it's customers. My husband and I purchased a new home in April 2010, with out new home we also received "piece of mind" with a home warranty from American Home Shield. What a joke. What we got, headaches.

Our central air conditoning unit failed to cool properly at the end of May. We submitted an online request to AHS on May 26, and May 27 a repairman was at our door waiting to fix the unit. After about an hour with the unit, he reported that it was "unfixable", and he was unable to obtain a model or serial # off the unit because it was worn away. He stated AHS would replace the unit. He stated he would need for them to authorize the replacement before he could do the work.

By June 1 we still had not heard anything from AHS or the contractor. We called both and left messages.

June 2 - The vendor called us back stating they were still waiting for AHS to approve the claim. I called AHS again, and was told it was in process.

June 4 - I called them both again. Now, the vendor was stating that they were waiting on AHS approval, AHS was stating they were waiting on info from the vendor. We, in the meantime were stuck in the middle in a 95 degree house.

June 7 - Called both vendors again, given the same run around by both.

June 8 - The contractor returned to the house to obtain additional information to report to AHS.

June 11 - A rep from AHS called at 546pm to inquire if we were happy with the repairs. I laughed...what repairs??? I explained the 2nd visit occured on June 8, and another visit on June 11 (for our furnance fan which also stopped working). I explained we were still waiting on the AC to be fixed. She assured me she would call back by 7pm CST, she didn't. I wasn't surpised.

June 15 - I hadn't heard from AHS or the contractor in several days. I called AHS customer service as was told that my case was now in "case management" meaning I had a special representative to look over my claim. Great, I thought. Finally some resoluation. Boy was a wrong. This is just someone to give you the run around and talk down to you. My case manager stated she would need time to research and she would call me back. 3 hours later, she did return my call to tell me that her company was in the process of completing a "national search" for the necessary part to fix the unit. Woah, wait a will you search for a part when you don't have a serial or model number?? She could not answer this question, just kept repeating herself. I asked to speakto a manager and was told, "we don't got managers, and if you want me to, I will just cancel out case management and you can deal with customer service on your issue." What, wait, you are threatening me? Sheer comedy. I explained to her that I wasn't blaming her, but after 3 weeks with no AC in 90 degree temps I am just looking for answers. She told me she would call back the following day in the morning and hung up on me...well, the morning has came and went -- no phone call.

AHS is just looking to rip off it's customers. No managers? A National Search on an unknown part? Come one, they must think that their consumer is an idiot. My next call will be the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney General of WV. This is absurd.

the truth about ahs

I just thought the consumers in the united states that deal with american home shield would like to know the...

unbelievably bad experience

Nov 30 First incident with heater.
Dec 1 Second incident with heater. Cut off gas to heater.
Dec 2 Early morning Contacted AHS and placed service request.
Dec 3 Placed on hold for 30 minutes, unable to contact repair company that was assigned to repair unit. Service ticket was assigned to different company
Dec 4 Called to check status. Was told the ticket was escalated to an EMERGENCY
Dec 4 3PM Repairman came to house to work on unit. Stated that he forgot his tools.
Dec 8 Called repair company to check status of parts ordered. Phone call not returned.
Dec 9 Called repair company to check status of parts ordered. Phone call not returned.
Dec 9 Contacted AHS to inquire. Was told to expect a return call by COB. Phone call not returned.
Dec 10 Contacted AHS to inquire. Was told that part was placed on a Nationwide search because it could not be found thru normal channels on the 9th of Dec. If it could not be located within 72 hrs that the status would be changed to the unit needing to be replaced.
Dec 11am Contacted AHS to inquire on status at 4PM. Was told that search has been stopped and that we would be contacted in ref to replacing unit.
Dec 15 AM Contacted AHS because we still had not been contacted. Was placed on hold for 25 minutes and then told that I would be contacted within the day. AHS was unable to contact the contracted repair company. PM Same thing. Placed on hold for 19 minutes then told that AHS was having trouble locating the part needed to repair my unit. When I tried to explain the past 13 days I was abruptly interrupted and told that the repairman had called in the wrong model number and that is why they could not locate the part but that they were going to place the part order as an EMERGENCY STATUS.

Wife and 2 Kids sleeping around a $75 space heater in Living Rm.

  • Ap
    AprilWV Jun 16, 2010

    The exact same thing is happening with my current claim. On May 29 we had the contractor come out for our A/C, as of yet nothing has been done. The same exact run-around has been given to us; first I was told it would be replaced, next I was told a national search on parts -- get this -- for a unit that they are UNABLE TO READ THE SERIAL # on. If you cannot read the serial number, how are you able to search for parts?

    I am still at at loss for words on the service I have received from this company. Unbelievable, doesn't even begin to describe it.

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warranty scam

I have had AHS for many years now on 3 separate units.

They are okay if all you have is a toilet that wont flush properly or a sink clog (things you could do yourself for far less than the $60 service fee.) But a repair that costs any significant amount of money and its like pulling teeth to get the work done. On top of that, it seems they pay their contracted companies such a dismal amount compared to market rates that those that none of the companies in my area work for them so it takes longer to get someone here. And woe if something breaks on a Friday that doesnt fall under emergency status

I've also had to call them late at night and their call center is dismal. One operator picked up the phone and placed it back down. It failed to hang up and I had to listen to her chatting about her errant boyfriend to a co-worker. I couldn't hang for a while because they were still connected to the call.

I recently needed a new wall heater due to a faulty valve leaking natural gas. The company they sent out on Monday said theyd try to order the part but it was most likely obsolete and would replace the whole unit, and left, no work done (gas still leaking!)

On Friday I called AHS to check status and the repair company said the model was obsolete, part unavailable, but had given them the wrong model number until that day, so AHS would start searching for the part themself and had 48 business hrs to search before they would then search for a replacement heater.

I called the Gas Company who promptly came out and capped the gas line at the wall (why didn't the repairman do this??)

Tuesday an appointment was made for the next morning but I would have to pay an additional $55 for a gas connector and $50 to haul the old one away. I told the repair company to make the appt but that I would call AHS about the extra charges. I called a couple haulers approved by my city and found one that would actually take the old heater FOR FREE (SCRAP METAL)

The repair guy arrives, I tell him I dont need him to dispose of the old one and why and he refuses to install the new wall heater unless Ill pay him to dispose of the old one, and LEFT! So I call AHS and they stand by the repair company!

Im beyond done with this company theres too many other competitors to deal with these sorts of problems.

deceptive attempt to snare me into an account

I was home on a Wednesday recovering from a foot surgery. The phone range and the caller announced that I "need to renew" my American Shield Home Warranty account. I told him that I wasn't aware that I had such an account. He said "Oh yes, you do, and I sure hope that you haven't had any expenses for things that were covered, like your water heater, furnace ..." etc. So I told him that I would prefer to lookup my account online, adn hae gave the web-site address. To make a long story short, it turns out that I have no account with them, and they were just trying to scare me into setting one up.

Sleazy ! I recommend avoiding thes folks !

rip off

Call for AC service. Vendor checked unit, found nothing, flup breakers then informed me there was no power going to the outside unit, will ne electrician, maintenance and a disconnect box then tried to sell his company's service for all of this. I refused and had electrician come out. nothing wrong with electricity, cost me additional money. AHS refusing to service ac until I meet this vendors bocus requirements and they will not recheck to verify that this was an attempt to rip me off by one of their vendors and also to take customers from them. I am stuck unless I spend needless money for requirements not needed. The ac only needs charging. VERY PISSED AND CORNERED.

  • We provided services for them. We cleaned a septic tank for one of the houses they were building. The lady the house was being built for was to pay her part.(in which she did) American Homeshield was to pay for their part. We haven't received any money on the bill. That was in april of this year.

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to this date, I have not received any reimbursement

Until recently, I was very satisfied with the services rendered through American Home Shield. However, when I put in a request for a work order to check my hot water heater, the amount of time it took for a company to contact me and address the order extended from April 28 to June 3(which is date that my policy was cancelled.) When the company came to the house, they quoted an overcharged price to install the hot water heater and change the hoses given the fact that American Home Shield offered to pay for the hot water heater. After going to Lowes and speaking to one of their knowledgeable staff, he showed me how easy it was to install the hot water heater and hoses without having to change any of my hardware. I realized that the cost for the company to install the water heater was definitely over priced. As a result, I purchased and installed the water heater myself. After consulting with one of the representative with American Home Shield, he assured me that they would reimburse me for purchasing the hot water heater. To this date, I have not received any reimbursement. This is not my only complaint but rather another complaint concerning the companies that American Home Shield authorize contracts with to assist their customers. Some of these companies are very unprofessional. For instance, a worker from a company came to my house to fix my air conditioning unit. As a result, the worker did not fix the air conditioning unit but rather caused more damage to my air conditioning unit. Resulting in requesting other work orders to fix the problem. In conclusion to these problems, American Home Shield dropped my insurance policy refusing to renew it. It's amazing how some insurance companies can decipher which policies they will renew and while others they can drop with no warning or prior notificaton of a cancellation date.

  • Su
    Susan N. Jun 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We had a similar experience with American Home Shield. We have had a lot of problems with our air-conditioner, and it really should have been replaced years ago. Anyway, they have patched the thing up for us every summer which was sufficient. This summer, of course, it went out, and we called in an order. We canceled it after we were able to get it running ourselves, and AHS promptly sent out a notice canceling our policy. No warning.
    If you feel as though you are "protected" because you have a home warranty company, think again. They can drop you like a hot potato if they think they may have to spend any money on you. Even if you have faithfully paid them, on time, for seven years. Got to love the way they treat loyal customers. In short, they stink.

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unable to deliver service

We bought the American Home Shield - home warranty with complete coverage hoping that we could use it if...

stay away from them

AHS claims code violaitons or improper installation to avoid paying for replacement items or expensive repairs. Before giving their contractors "the additional costs" or cutting your losses, contact your own contractors for an estimate and ask them to verify or discredit the AHS contractor's claims of code violations or improper installation. Take this information and file a complaint with the BBB and your attorney general website. AHS does respond back to them and it gives you a mediator to work through to get your satisfaction. Plus it changes their BBB rating if everyone complains forcing them to eventually honor their contracts without the hassle.

bathtub faucet valves


My claim to repair leaky faucet valves was denied because the knobs were off when the repairman looked at it and he said that he could not diagnose the problem even though I had the knobs nearby and I even offered to turn the water on for him so that he could see that the problem was obvious. The leak had caused the tile around the area to fall and we had cleared out the falling tile so he said that the site was not intact so they denied the claim. I called them and told them that I would not be renewing their contract.

unfair resolution

This company is only willing to give us 1/4 the value of our Dacor dishwasher unit or try again to fix the problem. We have been in this home for 1.5 years and the dishwasher has broken 5 times. Plus, as always, this is just like an insurance company where they make it difficult for you to get a fair resolution hoping that you will just go away!!! The service providers appear to be upfront but AHS seems deceptive. I have two homes under this company and I will ditch them...anyone know a good home warranty company?

  • Gu
    guarnes Jan 29, 2010

    All of the complaints I read about American Home Shield is very true. I sympathize with all the people who were ripoff by this company. I still have my coverage with them for the remaining 6 months of my 1 year contract but with all the frustations I am experiencing with them, no way I will renew my coverage. I will tell every relative, friends, neighbors, co-workers and all people I will meet not to use this company. They are really bad.

    Sally Guarnes
    Santa Barbara, California

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terrible experience

I have had active accounts with them; multiple units for years. Recently, one of the heater blowers in a condo broke. They sent a tech; he didn't even bother to open the unit. He called AHS and submitted a verbal report that the unit was (a) installed wrong and (b)failed because the filters were not replaced. For this, I had to pay my share on the spot. No receipt, no report to me.

I obtained AHS permission and called a tech using the condo association referral. They came and confirmed that's how all other heaters were installed; and they showed me how the blower fan broke. It was a pure mechanical failure, thru wear-n-tear.

I will stay away from the minute details. But, the circus started with AHS not paying for the repair. They continued to maintain their position. They refused to write to me on their position, despite repeated requests.
I was upsent and took them to the court after months of pursuit. A grumpy, rude lawyer was sent to represent them. I had certificates from the repairing tech company to confirm that their position was wrong. Finally, they paid for the repair cost; nothing else, not even the court cost.

After two months, when the renewal came up, guess what they did? They just dropped me from future warranty service. I guess they expected me to meekly accept their one-sided judgment and not contest.

A classic example of service! Made me thrilled about paying them for several years with my trust; just in case I evere needed service they would stand by!!!

  • Ce
    Cexi-Lexi Jan 08, 2010

    This company is bad business. I too paid over a few years.. no cliam ever made.. until my furnace went out... and you know what??? I ended up paying as well...


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ahs refuse to reimburse my bill

During last summer when the temperature was over 100 degrees our home Air Condition Unit went out. I called AHS who said they will call back in a couple of hours with a number for an AC repair company, but never did. I called back and the girl on the phone told me if I can find my own repair person that they will reimburse me after my AC is fixed. Well, I found a company who charged me an extra $75 for being a Sunday, but fixed the AC. I called AHS back after the repair person left to tell my bill waas $ 715!!! But they told me that I should have called first before I got my AC fixed, but I told them that their CSR told me all I had to do is find someone and get it fix and call afterwards...I even repaeted what she told me and there was noting about me calling first to get an okay. I demand AHS to listen to their so-call recordings of when I called but they they stuck to what they said. And another thing I called three other repair companies that refuse to do business with me because of AHS until I finally found one that would. I gave up trying to get my mooney back from AHS and will not recommened them to anyone.

  • Un
    unsubscribeme Apr 13, 2010

    Let me ask you this. If you owned a bank and you had someone come in and ask to borrow a million dollars, would you as a wise bank owner say "yes" with out any stipulations? No, you would not. Nor should you expect any company doing monetary business either. That's just stupid!
    No company is just going to give you carte blanch authorization to go and do repairs or replacement without knowing what the issue was. This is a home warranty. There are still stipulations.

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poor service, trying to rip off

Sat. 9/26/09 2:50 pm service request
Dispatch information service fee
Dispatch number : 158xxxxx $ 60.00
service contractor assigned
vendor name : us heating & air conditioning, inc
email : [protected]
phone : [protected]
Service item (s)
air conditioning (central-electric)

Friday 9/28/09 ushac technician arrived at 4:00. checked out a/c determined that compressor was bad. said that most likely they would replace outside (condenser) unit since unit is about 30 years old. he said they could probably do the install this thursday. great that’s not too bad. only 1 weekend and half the week with no a/c. yeah right!

Friday 10/2/09 (1 week since technician was here) called ushac spoke to nicole to check status. she said there were some non covered items condenser pad $150, tie down straps $150 and disposal fee $75 total for "non covered items $375.00 I found the pad and tie down straps locally from a supplier (yes the exact same pad that they brought to use because I didn't tell them I already bought one) for $37.02 out the door with tax! I told her about florida law stating mismatched systems 13 seer outside with older 10 seer inside unit and being noncompliant. she was going to call ahs and get back with me.

Monday 10/5/09 (90 yesterday and today) 11:45 called ushac spoke to nicole. said that she was getting with her manager.

Monday 10/5/09 called ahs spoke to naomi she had spoken to ashley at ushac who was talking to"home inspector"? I asked about cash out option at this time.

Tuesday 10/6/09 9:30 lacricia called me from ahs cash out amount $766.87 for condenser. I told them that florida law states that units can't be mismatched and must meet 13 seer efficiency standards.

Wednesday 10/7/09 (91 today) 6:25pm called ahs spoke to lindsey. she transferred to mike in contractor assistance or auth department or whatever they call it there. he stated that there was a request from ushac for an inside unit replacement.

Thursday 10/8/09 (91 again today) 11:40 called nicole at ushac. waiting to hear back from ahs. she said that she spoke to them this morning.

Thursday 10/8/09 12:50 called ahs spoke to lakita. more b. s. ahs contractor assistance is getting with ushac. they were authorized to replace condenser. now ushac wants to just replace compressor??!? ahs said they would not put a compressor in a 30 year old unit.

Thursday 10/8/09 3:10 called ushac nicole out of office checking on an order should be back in 30 min.

Thursday 10/8/09 3:45 called ushac spoke to nicole said manager is getting order together. they will call back later today to schedule. still couldn't say what was going to be done. sounds like a line of crap since"order was being put together and she couldn't tell me what was going to be done!!?

Thursday 10/8/09 4:00 called ahs spoke to daniel. I again told them about the florida law and code n1100.0.2 which states that matched systems are required and may be verified by ahri data, accredited lab, manufacturer’s letter, or letter from p. e. state of florida

Friday 10/9/09 (2 weeks since technician was here and another week of temps in the 90's with humidity to match) 11:35 call from ahs (mike?) said that both indoor and outdoor units were ok'd for replacement but there were $760.00 in non covered addition to the pad, straps and disposal for the condenser as listed 10/2/09 there were plenum modifications to "make the new inside unit work with my existing ducts", "duct work", (sounds like a double dip there to me and b. s.! ahs does cover these when needed to maintain compliant as per section e of their covered items!), and permit cost. ok 1 thing that is not covered and I don't have a problem with. funny how a permit was never mentioned before. think one would have ever been pulled?

Monday 10/12/09 11:00 called ushac nicole not available, she was on phone and had 2 more on hold waiting. left message to have nicole call me.

Monday 10/12/09 3:45 called ushac again nicole not available. person (not sure her name) said parts were ordered 10/7 but didn't know if parts were there or not or when they would be. left message again to have nicole call me.

Monday10/12/09 5:20 nicole called and left me message saying that half the parts were there and she was waiting for the other half.

Wednesday 10/14/09 4:00ish nicole called and said all the parts were there and they could do install tomorrow! great! but I work for a living and had appointments that could not be moved. I moved an appointment on friday and we set up the install to be done on friday at 10:00.

Friday 10/16/09 install day!!! looking forward to having a cool house for a change! early meeting done, drop off items to customer done, appointment done. let’s get some a/c now! as I am rushing to get home, 9:50 phone rings, I know this number it's ushac I bet they will tell me that they will be at my house in a few minutes! woo hooo! wrong!! nicole from ushac "we won't be able to do your install today. one of our installers called in sick and it is raining outside." you are kidding right? it's not raining here! I cleared my day today for this! "we can put you down for monday" no! I can't! I moved appointments from today to monday! this is a joke right? it's not raining here! looks a little cloudy but not bad out. this is b. s.! "i'll see what I can do. let me call you back."

Friday 10/16/09 10:20 nicole called. "we can be at your house in about an hour"
about 11:30 the installers arrive and get to work. everything going fine. almost done and one guy gives me paperwork to fill out and collect the money for non covered items of $760 which were to be itemized and were not. also I see it says "change out 2 ton split system" woah! I had a 2.5 ton system!!! I double checked numbers and sure enough I had a 2.5 ton and the new condenser was a 2 ton! son of a b*!!! call ushac got nicole and ask about the charges then said we have a bigger problem. the unit you put in is a 2 ton, what you took out was a 2.5 ton. she responds "according to the numbers on your old unit it was a 2 ton" stop! no it wasn't! I know the numbers and it was a 2.5 ton! she transfers me to norm (the manager?). we get the 2 ton 2.5 ton mix up handled. "ahs sent the wrong one but i'll authorize the installers to get you up and running with this unit so you can have cool air and expedite the correct condenser order" ok now what are all the "non covered" charges? well we have a new hanger kit. a what? the kit that mounts the inside unit. um no they used the one that was there! (I am looking at in the attic) now he is on the phone with the installer that's outside and I hear him say nope we were able to use the old one. ok that’s $150 off next, pad and hurricane tie downs. nope nice try I supplied them! that's another $300 off what else? disposal, I am going to dispose the old components myself. I will take to recycler. back and forth about how he can’t leave it because it has refrigerant in it blab blab b. s. it doesn’t have refrigerant in it the system is open! by the time that was all done I only owed them for the permit charge of $130.00. that is the only thing that was not covered by ahs.

Tuesday 10/20/09 ushac came out and changed out 2 ton condenser with proper 2.5 ton condenser. I asked the technician to check the heat as it seemed to not be heating that well, not like the old unit. he did a quick check and determined that the heat was coming on and it was working. I knew it was coming on but it wasn’t blowing that warm. well ok. at least I have a/c but it doesn’t seem right.

Sunday 11/1/09 while disassembling the old components to take to the recycler I discovered why the heat wasn’t working that well. I knew that the new heat strip was a 5kw strip. I wasn’t sure what was in it before. I thought it was a 5 kw but nope! it was a 10kw! that explains why it wasn’t blowing that warm!

Wednesday 11/4/09 so here we go again call ahs on wednesday and they dispatch to ushac. ushac called to confirm the request and they said they could come and install the 10 kw strip tomorrow if they had in stock. they would call back. it’s now 5:05 on wednesday and no call back. I wonder how long this is going to take to get this replaced now!

Saturday 11/7/09 9:30pm well no follow up or any other calls from ushac. I did get an automated call from ahs inquiring about my recent service request. typical ahs automated bs where you have to listen to the entire line of crap before putting in a number. I didn’t have time for that crap and hung up after trying to speak to a rep but just was sent to the beginning of the recorded message! also nobody has been by from ushac as the installer said they would to do their “final inspection” before the county came and did their inspection to close the permit.

  • Br
    Brenda Drake Dec 16, 2013

    I canceled my contract with AHS last month OCT 2013. I received a check back for the incorrect amount. I returned the check with a letter to the billing department in Tennessee, the address listed on the check and I have not received the check with the correct amount owed my.

    My Name is Brenda S. Drake 409 795-0158, please contact me.

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