American Heritage of South JordanDo not follow there school policies!

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They claim to have "Classic Education", but really it is just a beginner school using our kids as ginni pigs on there "Classic Education". They put the private school 'all about money" in capital letters. They are to busy putting all the money in their own pockets they can't even afford a janitor to clean there building. Half the time when my kids went to the restroom there wasn't any soap to wash hands with, floors never swiped, we don't even want to talk about the lunch room, which serves junk food to our kids, who don't know any better.
They building is dangerous for our kids, bricks are laying on the ground outside that have falling off the building.

There policies our discrimination in my eyes. If your not LDS don't go to this school, You will not fit in!!


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    A. D. H. D. ; ) Jun 07, 2012

    AHSJ Parents- Get over yourselves. : ) Your post makes me laugh.

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  • Ah
    AHSJ Parents May 21, 2012

    Coming from an insiders perspective, I would say the elementary classes at the school are pretty solid. There are some very seasoned teachers that have taught for many years, a few for over 30 years. After that, it starts to decline. Students tend to leave the school once the hit middle school and high school. They feel they can't get the "high school experience" at AHSJ. They have maybe 15-20 10th, 11th, and 12th graders coming back next year. Yes, they do have a lot of students that have transferred there from other schools. A lot of these students were either bullied at their old schools or just didn't have the "social skills" to function in public school. Yes, there is a large number of students that are special needs, take medications for depression, A.D.D., A.D.H.D, are on the Carson Smith program and so on. AHSJ is not really equipped to teach to such students. The major problem I see is with the administration. The teachers are loving and caring. There are a couple who actively monitor the hallways, bathrooms and locker rooms watching out for anything inappropriate. However, the administration, behind closed doors, are cold, calculating, disrespectful in their conversations, bordering on inappropriate, about some of the parents and students, and have lost their focus. It has become about making money, which is what a business does. Enter the influx of Asian students who pay a ton of money in tuition. There has been a lot of disciplinary problems with the Asian students and it is affecting the entire student body. They hang out in the bathrooms 8-10 at a time and it is intimidating for younger students to try to go in and use the bathrooms. They also speak in their native tongue and use VERY inappropriate language. Other students that speak the language will tell you what they are saying. The atmosphere around the school has changed year after year. They are raising tuition to about $7000+ for the next academic year. For that price, I would chose a Challenger or a Montessori school instead. Administration likes to use the "Private School" label to justify the way they get around some of the students complaints. "If you don't like it, go somewhere else" attitude. "We can because we are Private". One thing that has really disturbed me is that a few teachers have used tape to tape students mouths shut for talking in class. They have to sit at their desks with tape on their mouths until the end of class. If they remove the tape, they have to go to the office for punishment. This usually results in the student cleaning bathrooms and the toilets, sweeping hallways, and other tasks. The biggest offender is a member of the administration team who also teaches a couple of classes. That should tell you something right there. This administration team member actually has told other teachers to use this method to get desired results. Also, when students go to the office for disciplinary problems they have two extremes they have to deal with. One is nothing happens other than a "don't do it again" scolding from one administration member and the other is pure terror just at the thought of having to go to the other administration members office. Students have commented that they laugh as they go back to their classroom because the one admin person is so soft in their discipline. You can make your own decisions. I will tell you that over the course of 4 or 5 years, I have seen the school lose their perspective on their mission statement and not follow the Thomas Jefferson education model it was founded upon. This is very unfortunate. The devotionals in the morning are a great way to start your students day. I will not be taking my children back to AHSJ next year. I feel the tuition does not match the quality of education you will be paying for next year. Look into other options before you commit to this school.

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  • Ah
    AHSJMOM Aug 31, 2010

    I have a daughter at AHSJ and we all love it! I don't know what Sirah is talking about but Seminary is my daughters favorite subject there. (Interestingly enough my daughter doesn't know anyone named Sirah at the school, which makes me believe either A. Sirah never really went there, or B. Doesn't believe what she is saying enough to back it up with her real name. Either way it voids her opionion for me!)
    The teachers love the students, really love them. They care and are anxiously engaged in their students education. Students can excell there in a way they can't in public school because classes are small and personalized.
    No one should be swayed from this school because one or two people claim to have had a bad experience, find out for yourself. Go to the sorce to find out about AHSJ instead of listening to a few people who DO NOT represent the majority!

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  • Si
    Sirah Aug 30, 2010

    Hahahah, don't make me laugh! I went to this school, it was horible! I barely moved from Mass. when I came to this school. I am a proud LDS and honestly they really do discriminate against non-members which was utterly disturbing! Even though that is mostly what I found just Utah to be like, it has been worse here at this school. The teachers were not as wonderful as they all talked about, they were quite rude and out of place with me and my sister. I don't know what we have ever done but to befriend non-members.

    Honestly you think this school is great on school academics? There are Seniors still in Algebra and Biology. In public school I have Sophmores in my AP classes! They take Math and English 1010. Teachers are wonderful to them and are fun in the learning! It is amazing and wonderful and the Seminary teachers are adventurous! But it's so dull in AHSJ! =P There is free expression in Public high schools unlike in AHSJ!

    Coming from a past student at AHSJ, I agree with this partly. I do like public schools much better!

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  • Tt
    T T B May 03, 2010

    I have had one student graduate from AHSJ, and another in 11th grade at AHSJ and one child in public school. I am thrilled with the work they do with my children. My 11th grader gets all A's. She is in calculus for math and takes AP classes as well. How many 11th graders in public school can say that. My oldest daughter is going to college and has a great job thanks to her great education at AHSJ. Unlike public schools, we as parents have a say so in our childs education. One of you said it is all about the money, well, i found the public school only cared if my child was in their seat everyday because that is how the school gets paid. They dont care if your child learns, just make sure they are at school. I have had a child at AHSJ since it opened and have seen the progress the school has made. I am not saying this school is perfect, but the benifits far outweigh the negatives. If you want your child to have a great education and a staff that genuinely care about your child, this is the place to send them. P.S. You do not have to be LDS to go to this school. What is wrong with good moral standards at school?

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  • So
    South Jordan Parent Apr 30, 2010
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    Verified customer

    @Susan (Original Poster)

    Friendly advice: Find someone to proofread your comments before posting them publicly. Your English is terrible, and your arguments are disjointed.

    I have never been to this school, so I don't know much about the facilities or the lunch fare.

    That being said, do you consider yourself educated? There is no such thing as a 'ginni pig'. You apparently don't know the difference between your and you're, to and too, their and there, they and the, swiped and swept, or are and our. I will refrain from commenting on your use of punctuation; I think your comments abundantly illustrate my larger point on this issue.

    I find it difficult to take any of your comments seriously.

    You start by claiming to know what Classical Education really is. I confess that I would love to hear you expound on the pedagogical foundations of western civilization.

    You then criticize the fact that they charge tuition. From their [protected] fee schedule I see that they charge between $4, 000 and $5, 000 dollars per student per year. Did you know that public schools spend between $5, 000 and $6, 000 per student per year, and have much higher teacher-to-student ratios?

    You finish your complaint with a sweeping claim that the school's policies (all of them?) are discriminatory. The only clue you give regarding the nature of the discrimination is their LDS perspective. It is very clear from their informational materials that they have an LDS perspective and promote faith in their students. Did you expect something different?

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  • Ak
    AKM1234 Jan 26, 2010

    Karen, GET A LIFE!!! for you to say that "about half of the kids are on drugs to control personality", you are disgruntled and with obvioius signs that you grew up in the public school system and you probably have no college experience what so ever.

    I have two of my kids there at AHSJ and I have nothing but positive things to say. My one daughter is special needs, and everyone at the school treats her with kindness and respect. The teachers treat my kids as if they were their own. I never have to worry about someone teasing her because they teach the lds doctrine to love one another.

    They also work with you if you have a problem paying. And for the low tuition and small class size, my kids can clean up after them selves. The school is beautiful and clean. Call a few schools and see how much it is.

    Where does the money go...paying teachers, supplies, building, utilities, desks, chairs, paper, pencils, computers. So what your saying is that the owners are not allowed to make a profit, or basically make a paycheck to pay for their time and effort into building a business!!! Its their Job, they have families to support to.

    Your just pissed because you couldnt imagine in your pea size brain what they have accomplished.


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  • Lu
    LuBee Jun 22, 2009

    AHH, this is sad. The school is just wonderful. The office staff are very helpful and kind. The teachers love the children and my children are very happy. I feel so blessed to avoid the Middle School years in the public school system. What a great alternative. It is worth the sacrifice. If you are not happy just quietly go back to the public school system. And, at this point I fear for them too. The public schools have some positive things happening and some wonderful teachers. Unfortunately, the public school system shuffles around bad teachers. It is nice to have a school who wants the best and tries to find the best.

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  • Li
    Lisa Mar 09, 2009

    Karen needs to get a life...

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  • Ma
    Mary Mar 03, 2009
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    Verified customer

    WOW! Talk about hitting below the belt! I am a parent of two students at AHSJ and I find the complaints very offensive! If you don’t like the school for whatever personal reasons fine – everyone is entitled to their opinion- and it’s a constitutional right to express it (something my daughter not only learned about but actually READ and studied at AHSJ along with the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers). But to start bashing the STUDENTS is beyond unreasonable. My children are very bright and well behaved! And so are their friends. There are no children that are "rejects from other schools". It is the exact opposite – the school only allows high quality individuals to attend. Students who are not willing to uphold the high standards of conducted, are required to leave so that my children can have a positive school environment. I recently overheard someone ask my child if she liked her school she said she "loved it”! When they asked her what it was like she said “it is a SAFE HAVEN” and “it’s like a family”!

    Now some facts to help those that are looking into AHSJ-
    - The school is cleaned regularly by a full time janitor who, as previously mentioned, teaches Spanish to the younger students and shares her culture with them because she is Latino. Even the full time teachers ask her for help with Spanish occasionally (evidence of the family feeling and everyone working together to make it a great school). There is also a part time janitor that helps her regularly.
    - The STUDENTS do help with the cleaning after big events ie. Christmas parties. This helps teach them to take care of their school and to work together (an example of the administrations pro-active ideas). Another time you may see a student helping to clean the building is after school. Some of the teachers and faculty have children that attend the school and keep them busy cleaning until they are ready to leave.
    - The library comment is another low blow. One of the teachers and many students (mine included) spent countless hours this summer putting it together. It is beautiful and peaceful.
    - For those that don’t know, the school moved into its new building last Fall. The original plan was to build a new building and move into it in 2010 or 11!!! The decision to purchase the current building was made and the administration and faculty gave up their summer and sleep to make it happen. Any events that were delayed or canceled were because of this monumental endeavor!
    - The money is well spent. It is very affordable and the administration works hard to stretch every dollar (that business management training comes in handy when you’re working on a shoestring).
    - If you are looking into AHSJ, go experience the school for yourself. See first hand what a beautiful place it is and feel the amazing environment it offers.
    P.S. I am just a parent who volunteers and has observed the love and dedication that goes into the school - I am not on the payroll. Mary is my real name. Feel free to email me or get my number from the office if you have any further questions.

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  • Li
    Lisa Feb 04, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Our experience at American Heritage of South Jordan has been a very positive one. We are truly grateful for the atmosphere of learning provided by the administration and staff. Our children love going to school each day and we feel confident as parents that they are receiving the best education that we can provide for them.
    The new building is beatiful and CLEAN and provides a safe environment for our children each day. Students don't have to worry about other things that may distract them from their education, such as other students picking on them. The teachers and staff go out of their way to make the students feel loved and safe.
    It has been a joy to watch the school grow and improve each year.
    You would never regret enrolling your student.

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  • Am
    Amy Feb 01, 2009

    After reading the comments/complaints I would guess that the complaints on this board are coming from disgruntled parents. We have been so impressed with the school this year. Their new building is beautiful, the teachers are great, the curriculum is engaging and the administration knows each of the students by name. The atmosphere is one where the students can feel safe and loved and learning takes place. There are actually a few Spanish teachers but I know that one of the cleaning ladies teaches a few short elementary Spanish classes because it is her native language. We are thrilled by the experience that our students are having and grateful that the school and administration was willing to spend the money on a new building. If anyone is looking at this school I would suggest visiting for yourself, rather than viewing complaints from parents who may have a student that was dismissed from the school or one that is just unhappy. My husband and I have talked with many other parents just like us who are thrilled by the experience their children are having at this school. We couldn't be happier and our kids love going to school each day.

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  • Ka
    Kathy1st May 22, 2008
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    I have visited the school and love the small classes. The kids seem very happy and I love the uniform ideas. They are building a new school and looking forward to joining this school next year. The school district is over crowded and kids get lost and left in dust. They barely get by with good grades and walk away still with less knowledge. I am thankful for an alternative that is affordable. I think you will see this school expanding again with time. The new facility is going to boost their enrollment too.

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  • Ja
    Jane Mar 14, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I couldn't disagree with you more. My children continue to receive a great education in a warm and safe environment. Although their building is old (a former public elementary school), they seem to work hard for the benefit of each student. They are also building a new school. They do have a full-time janitor and a part-time assistant. Based on the posted complaints I would guess that both writers have students that were either dismissed from the school or were not willing to abide by the standards--standards and guidelines set to protect my students, as well as many others.

    We have experience great things at American Heritage and continue to be grateful for their efforts.

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  • An
    ANNETTE K Feb 14, 2008

    I would never send my kids back to this school!! I hope everyone else don't have to go through what I went through at this school. They are back stabbers and will say anything to enroll your child, even if it is a lie! I gave so much to school and they still stabed me in back. Oh-well there are plenty of GOOD schools out there that are more qualified to have our children in there care!!

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