American Harley Davidson2020 117ci cvo street glide instrument panel

F Dec 08, 2019

I just bought a my 2020 CVO 117ci Street Glide and am having problems seeing my instrument panel during daylight hours. Florida is a bright state. The panel is blacked out and I struggle to see my speed & RPM's. I see this as a safety issue for me. I have to spend too much time trying to look at the instrument panel and read my gauges which takes my eyes off the road. I have been riding for 20 years and am use to glancing down for a cou[protected]e seconds to obtain my speed & RPM's. I called your tech department several times and they said my instrument panel was not suppose to light up during the day REF # 3902006. That's the way it is. I called back and asked if they could talk to there supervisor for a possible solution to illuminate my gauges during the day and the answer was " I reached out to our management team. They stated that the bike is operating as normal, and there is no further action to be taken." Thanks for contacting Customer Care. They then told me I'm only one person and that doesn't justify finding a salutation. Needless to say this didn't set well with me after I just bought a $40, 000 dollar motorcycle from you. I'm very disappointed and angry I'm seen as not to matter to your company. Not seeing my gauges affects everything I bought this motorcycle for. Not being able to see my RPM's prevents me from shifting correctly to maximize my horsepower. Also not being able to see my speedometer is a huge safety issue. I was told repeatedly there is no solution by your staff. I'm disappointed they couldn't get past a rehearsed answer to being willing to find a solution. There's always a salutation. I hope you can help me find a solution. Very Frustrated. Thank you

Richard G Fletcher
1525 NW 34th [protected].
[protected], Fl.


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