American Furniture Warehouseterrible customer service


We purchased our furniture at the end of February 2013. By august the sofa we purchased was sagging tin the middle. We were told we had a one year warranty and called to complain about this issue. they sent a tech named Rich out to look at it. All he did was glance at it, and then took some pictures. This whole time he was telling us it could not be repaired and they would let us exchange it for a usage fee, which we were fine with. So after he left, he called us and told us they were now not going to let us exchange it, but try to fix it. she we called customer service again and told them the tech had said it was not repairable, and they told us in the notes he wrote that it was.. so he lied to us! right to our faces. And all they did to "repair" was add some stuffing, they sagging cushion was not repaired, even though it was well within the year warranty, and they told us this was "normal wear"
if that is normal wear i'd hate to see what it will look like in a year...very disappointing.

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