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Doing nothing would be this company's favorite pastime if they would have the energy for it.
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Amcore Bank Complaints & Reviews

AMCORE Bank / Hubris & Greed


After going around and around with Amcore and their attorneys that they sicked on me after calling in a loan, I finally had to scream "Uncle!" They called in my business line of credit in order to raise money for their fledgling empire. They were impossible to deal with and wouldn't...

AMCORE Bank / Overdraft charge


For some reason Amcore Bank decides to randomly post overdraft charges to my account. I called Amcore and they told me that the overdraft was correct and that they would not remove it. When I stated that I would take my business to another bank, the superviser replied, "that'...

AMCORE Bank / Fees


I am so upset with Amcore Bank. I doubt the legality of their "business practices." My husband and I were out of town last week. We stopped for breakfast on Tuesday morning and I used our debit card. On Wednesday night, we stopped for gas and I used the debit card. When I checked my...

AMCORE Bank / Double Charging Overdraft


Amcore is now putting holds on "Pending" ATM-Debit Card Transactions for the amount of the possible transaction. Pending means that a transaction MIGHT happen it is not a a real transaction. If there is not enough in your account for the hold they generate in and of themselves (how is thi...

AMCORE Bank / Stealing


Please help us all with this complait. Amcore bank has had some recent changes that are just very harmful to the consumer. Amcore holds checks until you don't have enough money in the account to cover them. This happends when you make a deposit and now it takes 24 hours for the...

AMCORE Bank / Overdraft Scam


Amcore Bank has been screwing me over for months. Wanted to post here to inform everyone that before I take my checking account somewhere else that this bank will screw you over sideways week after week after week. I have my checks direct deposited every week, and I get 1 - 2 overdraft...