AMC Burbank 16Unfocused 3D Projectors


- Horrible customer service and off focused image quality. Watch your 3D movies else where, its not worth the price here. Don't get ripped off like I did tonight.

- Just finished watching "Brave" in Disney Digital 3D tonight at the 9PM showing. The movie started 25 minutes late (ridiculous amount of commercials) and the film was off focused causing the mid and background images to be blurry when viewed in 3D (close up shots are okay, since it is larger on screen).

The blurry effect is even worse during pan shots making the film very hard to watch.

I have watched numerous films in 3D before including the ones played at this theater and there was definitely something wrong with the projection alignment for the "Brave" showing tonight.

Since many of my friends and colleagues have worked on this film, I stayed and watched the movie rather than stepping out to have this experience ruin the film for my wife and I.

After the movie, I informed the customer service with the problem and was returned in complete denial. (Quotes from the customer service: "No, it can't be that we started late". "No, there can't be any problems with the alignment since it is digital.").

There was no apology or any sort of gesture to look into it in case there is any possibility that my complaint might be valid. I walked away in disbelieve and walked back again for a second time to ask for the customer service manager. I felt they should really look into this matter or others moviegoers will also get ripped off like I did due to the customer service's incompetence.

As it turn out, the guy I have spoken to is the customer service manager. With an attitude and complete denial or willingness to check (in case there was anything wrong) there is really no point to talk to him anymore.

So take your money else where if you are planning to watch a movie in 3D. It is just not worth it here until they improve on their projection quality and customer service attitude.

The customer service manager should take a look at this site from Pixar. They have created a website for movie theaters on how to calibrate the 3D projectors for a proper viewing experience:

Just because a film is digital doesn't mean it will play sharply without proper calibration or focus. Obliviously this theater did not bother to calibrate or focus their projectors since the customer service manager does not understand calibration is needed for digital film too.

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