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I had 3 puppies that I had rescued. Before I had a chance to take them to the vet to get vaccinated, they contracted Parvo, a vicious disease. Since it was the weekend, I did some research on the net for a home remedy.

I ran across Parvaid and read further. It seemed like a great home remedy, that said it had a 85% success rate. After talking to my family, I ordered from Amber Tech Global, not realizing it was a Distributor, and not the actual company. First, it fraudulently ordered 2 bottles, and not the 1 that I wanted. I did order Fed-Ex Overnight at a cost of 36.00.

The next day I checked my email, and received one from Fed-Ex stating it was sent 2 DAY and not next day. I called Fed-Ex to confirm this and sure enough, 2 DAY! So I called Amber Tech, where I found out I wasn't even dealing with the actual company, but rather one of their MANY Distributors. The man on the phone did give me her phone number. I called it and found a non-working cell phone. I emailed Global and waited again. No response.

So, I called Amber Tech again, where I found a lady who seemed very unhappy with the treatment and fraud I was experiencing. She assured me she would get to the bottom of the whole mess. I asked for a explanation of the shipping charges and method. I explained why I needed it ASAP. She assured me I would get the explanation TODAY.

Well, no word...AT ALL.

Bottom line is...if you need the Parvaid to save your furry family member...steer clear of Amber Tech Global. It has cost me one puppies life, and $113.00 to learn that.


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    abertech_global Dec 15, 2009

    Amber Tech Global is not a distributor of Ambertech, but a division of the company. Orders that are placed on Amber Tech Global's website are sent to the same fulfillment center of Ambertech. Although I am not aware of your specific situation, If there is any problem with the fulfillment center, it will be dealt with promptly.

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