Am-Vet Lawn Carealternator

M Aug 16, 2018

Purchased alternator in 2016, first one lasted like 9 months, then they averaged maybe 3 months, I literally exchanged 4 or 5 alternators over the next year. The last time being stranded along a busy hwy for over 4 hours and I'd had enough, so I purchased an alternator from your competition and it's been working for the past 4 months with no issues. So brought the alternator back to the store to talk about a refund or in store credit and I was told that the alternator was now out of warranty and there was nothing they could do. Needless to say I was not very happy with that answer, after all of the exchanges, my loss of time, the continued business that I do with your company and I get a SORRY. The only thing I got out of this deal is that I can change an alternator now on my F150 with my eyes closed. I would like at a minimum an in store credit for the cost of the alternator because they never worked.
Matthew Coats
8590 US HWY 127

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