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stop disgracing yourself!

Altum Capital company started their job more than a month ago.
However, they claim they are experienced (I wonder who they're talking about if there's no team information), even though their company is so young.
The same can be said about a number of investors (more than 3000). Gathering all of them took you just one month? Sounds like a lie.
Of course, scammers like these adore using referral schemes like make your friend join and invest and you'll get some money.
Oh god, why are people so naive and dumb sometimes to believe this kind of crap? It's so obvious it's a scam!
Still don't believe me? Ok, how about this fact: they say the company is located at West Sied park, London, UK. West Sied. Really? Maybe West Side?
A company that cares will never make stupid mistakes like this. What a shame, jesus!