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5:51 pm EDT
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ALTOUQ GROUP cheating fraud

I also got a mail from these cheaters recruiter plz chk its mention below and i would like to advise all of you plz dnt go their.

Dear Candidate,
Re: Invitation for interview as a result of application of ASSISTANT MANAGER

Our Hr department had a close look at your resume and would like to meet to find out more about you. We would especially like to find out more about your experiences. We have scheduled your interview on urgent basis, expecting you to attend this interview on short notice of time.Could u please be present in the respected time and location below with updated cv along with PASSPORT and VISA page

Note: Please note down that only interview location is in Ajman, after selection process you will be placed in Dubai.

Interview Date / Time & Contact Details

Contact admin _MRS SARA

Date octuber 7th 2012


Interview Timings - Visit office between 9am till 3pm

Location is mentioned below:


Near ajman bus station, crossing the bus station its m-city mart building,

Same building of m-city mart,

Fourth floor, office 402,

With best regards,

Senior administration officer

For details [protected] calling time 9 am till 6 pm


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, AE
Oct 22, 2012 7:41 am EDT

am also cheated after i saw this page wat to do 300 dh lost

Hasnain Khalid
, AE
Oct 09, 2012 9:57 am EDT
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You are very right, same thing happen with me too. i go there in Ajman they asked me to give 300 AED but i did not give any, because i know all the matter, thanx for posting this is helpul for me, thnx a lot and pleae dont go Ajman for such interview, it is the Fraud

Muhammed Shuaib
, AE
Oct 09, 2012 6:38 am EDT

I trapped in the same for my brother, as when I saw this information from you I informed my friend in Ajman to go there to get back my AED 300. (Amount for Visa processing). When he asked the Arabic person said he will call the Police. But he said ok, call the police, but he did not called the police. Then after a few arguments he agreed to give back the money next day. And Today they gave back the money. First they said they only give back 150 and there is 150 for cancellation fee. but he did not agreed saying that this was not registration but it is a visa charge as per the other lady said. And finally gave us the 300 AED. But the person who goes there should be brave enough to speak and must know Arabic, then better.

Hasnain Khalid
, AE
Oct 07, 2012 10:10 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

how they cheat you ?
I also got the same email, can you tell me ?

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