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BEWARE!.. Almari KANE... Is a crazy drug addict crack wh* who doesn't work and never has. she has issues with cocaine and is a child abuser. I have seen her hit her child. This chick won't admit it but she is a former prostitute. She has been arrested before for her drug use and has even been fired for it. she is a leach and mooches of her parents. this lady is a bi*h and will rob you blind. She likes to go on dates and date men and take them for every penny they have. This chick has even been known to have relations with lesbians. AVOID THIS BI*H. she is a stalker and is a pill head with severe drug addictions. DON'T LET Almari Kane FOOL YOU!... BEWARE YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED...never understood how this ugly wrinkled ### who needs lipo, stretchmarked * could ever get a man. Next time use the money for SURGERY! YOU ROBBING MISERABLE EVIL HEARTED HOOKER!

She lives at 2112 Century Park Ln UNIT 208 Los Angeles CA 90067.

She claims to work at Alan Kane Associates. Born 6/19/1968

Don't be a victim of this WOMAN!. Almari Kane. If you have been victimized you should post too!

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