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Allstate ImagingTotal scam

Allstate Imaging is a big scam company. The initial call is a simple "try our product. If you like it, keep it. If you don't return it". Sounds too good to be true? You're right. I was an idiot and got rooked into it. We didn't use the printer cartridge immediately because we didn't need to replace any. Got a call 3 weeks later, thanking us for our prompt payment and letting me know that they were sending out a catalog and a thank you gift. And "oh, by the way...we're sorry that we didn't have the other 14 cartridges in stock previously, but they're now in and we'll be sending those out to you right away". Excuse me?? What is all this about 14 other cartridges?? Because the price was actually quite good, I agreed to purchase 3 more. Was that the end of it?? Nope!! 3 weeks later, got another call...same spiel. I refused to "accept" any more cartridges, nor any catalogs or thank you gifts. I asked them to stop calling me. 3 weeks later, same kind of call. I then threatened to file a complaint with the BBB if I ever heard from them again.


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    1020sandy Oct 24, 2011

    We have all the same issues with Allstate. We were told that their cartridgges had twice as much toner in them, and we would get more printered pages. I spoke with several other manufactures who said that was a total lie. That the cartridges are manufactured to hold a specfic amount of toner and that is all it would hold. And other manufactures do not put filler in that lessen that amount. I found a company called Five Point Data in PA that has been great. They have great prices and stand 100% behind what they sell. They admit they are not perfect and have some defects that do come out of their warehouses or that become defective during shipping. But if you get a defect they replace it. I have only ever gotten one bad cartridge from them and I don't beiieve that it was an defect when it left the warehouse. Within a day I had a repalcement. If you want to deal with a great company that stands behind their products I would try them. Their website is

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    Sarah519 Oct 24, 2011

    They do tell you it's a trial but they fail to tell you that if you accept and pay for the trial you are obligated to buy 9 more ink cartriges.

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    AndADay Jan 20, 2011

    This place is horrible and I will be contacting the powers that be if they call me again.

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    Samantha G. Oct 08, 2010

    I have several issues with this company. First of all, their name does not actually appear anywhere on the cartridge box, it's just printed on a sticker that's been stuck on the box. The box looks exactly like the ones that come from a company called 'Premium Imaging Products' and from Quill and, for all I know, a host of other refurbished toner cartridge sellers. I was told there would be a spec sheet with it; there was not. The only thing that was there was a sheet with the *Premium Imaging Products* company name on it which said it was guaranteed to last as long or longer than the original manufactures' product. Nothing at all about 1 and half times the page yield. So they're buying them from another company and marking up the price a ton so they can lower it drastically when you say it's too much and make it sound like you're getting a good deal. (Which, incidentally, you're not; I can think of three places that have better prices just off the top of my head that have better prices.) Oh, and the lower price is guaranteed for one year! So you can bet they'll raise it right back up as soon as the year is up, if not sooner. Believe me, their cartridges are nothing special and will not last any longer than other refurbished cartridges. If you need any other proof that they are not legit consider the fact that when you looked them up online the top search results were lists of complaints rather than, say, a company website. If it's too late and they've already sent you your trial pack, just send it back. They will probably try to get you to pay the return shipping, saying "well, we paid to get it to you". Do not let them guilt you into paying the return shipping!! It's their own fault for being dishonest. Just tell them that you were told you wouldn't have to pay any shipping, even if you returned it. (You almost certainly were, it's another part of their gimmick to make you feel comfortable in agreeing to the free trial.) Stick to that, and they'll send you a packing label and you won't have to pay the shipping.

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    GOT'EM!! Oct 05, 2010

    OKAY!!! HERE'S THE REAL DEAL. I worked for Allstate Imaging for over a year. They do not send toners
    to secretaries. They have to speak to the authorized buyer for your company. The "Boiler Rooms" they call you from are basically halfway houses straight out of county jail...or people that are in a tough spot, so it is easy to buy into thier trickle-down b.s. I mean, from the owner to the G.M. to the room manager to the closer to the opener, they tell lies. As if I'm too dumb to see what they are doing. It is not about the initial "trial offer" for them (remember, this is America, nobody can make you buy what you don't want to buy.) How they try to "get you" is through the reorder process. If you want to stick it to those jackals, tell them 10 days isn't long enough to evaluate thier product (they'll give you 30 days "to start off with") and then tell them you don't want it. They HAVE TO TAKE IT OFF OF YOUR HANDS AT NO COST TO YOU!!! I have done this with my new company. Luckily for me, these idiots call every other week, so I "test them out" at least twice a year (not more than 3 times a year, unfortunately. So, basically, I'm getting TWO MONTHS OF FREE PRINTING A YEAR! Not bad when you print as much as I do. I'm not telling you to try it, if you find this technique unscrupulous, I apologize. It's just nice to get back at the biggest scam of all time...and they simply cannot stop me...I can't wait until they call again.

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    Wendy C Sep 24, 2010

    I have received a call every 2 to three weeks for about 2-3 months. I tell them I am not interested, but they still call again. I plan to look into the "Do Not Call" program to see if they can be fined.

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    mysterious angel Sep 09, 2010

    i worked for allstate imaging! worst decision of my life! they rip people off! take money! practice misleading sales tactics! and try to bankrupt other companies by destroying their equiptment and charging them 5 time the amount for a non working printer toner! bewore they will call u and try to make u feel stupid if u dont buy from allstate. i was being paid for my time and still I regret working there! they are evil! and have this get rich pyramid scheme!~russell is the owner and founder! satan him self!

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  • This company is unscrupulous. They constantly call the office, trying to get unsuspecting receptionists to provide the model #’s to our printing equipment, most likely to send unsolicited cartridges as others have mentioned. I have personally spoken to 2 dozen of their employees, and insisted that they remove us from their call list, but to no avail. In response to the previous post referring to 1 out of 4 cartridges as acceptable; I have gone through well over a thousand cartridges at my company for all different printer manufacturers like HP, Xerox, Lexmark, Konica Minolta, and Kyocera, and I can honestly say that I’ve never installed a bad cartridge. A 25% failure rate is pretty despicable.

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  • Ki
    Kirha Aug 31, 2010

    While their sales tactics aren't to my taste, I must say that Allstate lived up to their promises to me so far. I had 1 cartridge out of 4 that did not work; they shipped me a new one and a return label with no fuss.

    I honestly believe that most complaints about Allstate have to do with people feeling pressured into purchasing, or pushed into purchasing more than they wanted. Buyer's remorse then sets in, and because there's no easy way out, they get angry.

    Allstate did not have the best price by any means, and I did feel somewhat pressured. But in the end, I have to man up and say that they followed through with everything promised, including replacing my bad cartridge. If I didn't have the cojones to turn down the deal, it's not Allstate's fault. There is no scam here, just a business making sales.

    I seem to have the capability to type well, and I even managed to appropriately use a foreign word. Do you intend to denigrate me as well for my opinion?

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  • El
    El Predicto Aug 18, 2010

    Funny how the only two comments in favor of Allstate seem to be written by the same person ... or at least, the small number of folks who feel good about Allstate have a penchant for saying "u" and "urself" as though they spend way too much time texting.

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  • Mp
    MParsons Aug 13, 2010

    What a joke, I feel for the same scam as well and ended up with 3 ink cartridges which used all 3 for a 100 page print!!! WTH...the toner I order from my normal office supply store is the same amount of money and they do not charge shipping, this Allstate Imaging can bite me, I really do hope they call me back so I can give them a piece of my mind!!

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  • Ma
    Mandy888 Aug 03, 2010

    Allstate imaging is not a scam
    I order from allstate imaging every year and they do offer me
    great service and best of all great prices!!
    they tell u from the start that it is a trial so if u don't understand that
    don't blame them blame urself

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  • Sa
    Sara HL Jul 07, 2010

    My boyfriend had gotten a phone call from Allstate Imaging and they were trying to make him buy some stuff which he said no to.. But they still send the stuff anyways and they were trying to tell him that he made an agreement with them but he NEVER did. He told them not to send the stuff...

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  • So
    Southbay Skates Jul 01, 2010

    Dude, these guys rock! I use to go to Staples about 3 times a year for toner (I don't do that much printing) and now I just order toner from Allstate once a year. I think people say it's a scam or say bad things about them because they forget about the trial and end up getting billed and get mad. It's a trial, you get a whole month to test it out, that's the agreement, at least it was for me, if you forgot about it, don't blame them, blame urself, JMO.

    Mark, Southbay Skates, Torrance, CA

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  • Cr
    cristybarger Jun 18, 2010

    I recently worked for Allstate Imaging. I sincerely appologize. They lie to us from the get go. They are definately a scam. I found out recently that they take old cartridges and just refill them. They dont even use their own product. They are so scandilous. Again I am so sorry.

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    Sandy1020 Jun 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am sorry that all of you that fell for this companies scam I almost did the same thing when they told me that I would get 1 1/2 times the page yield! I have been using a Company called Five Point Data Systems for over 5 years and I have always gotten great service, and if I ever got a cartridge that did not work they replaced it right way. BEST OF ALL THEY ARE VERY CHEAP!! Maybe you should try them or call my sales person her name is Sue ???? (I don't know her last name) she is very friendly and always helpful.

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  • Gl
    Glenner May 27, 2010

    This company is one of the worst when it comes to scamming unsuspecting companies. We have REPEATEDLY asked them not to call as and we even say we're on the do not call lists. I swear they must use the do not call lists as a list of clients for their telemarketing scam. They will try to get you on the hook by offering a good deal initially on ribbons or toner. Then they will usually wait a few weeks and try to tell you the rest of your order is ready to ship out. The initial "trial order" was nothing but an excuse to try and lie to you that you ordered more than your initial trial offer. They operate on the hope that someone can be duped into falling for their blatant lies. ALWAYS STAY DILIGENT when you get a call from a place like this and do not fall for their scam tactics. Their products are INFERIOR and do not meet any manufacturers standards, regardless of what Allstate claims they are selling. CAVEAT EMPTOR if you do any business with them, you will regret it.

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  • Ja
    James in Orgeon Feb 08, 2010

    I just received a call from a sales rep at Allstate Imaging named Betty Paige, which conjured up all sorts of images. But I was swift enough to start googling the company name as she gave me the sales pitch. Hopefully others do the same whenever cold called by another company. If you don't you should start. She kept pushing me to get the cartridges through their free promotional offer and buy them after 30 days if I liked them. Please, sale me some ocean side property in New Mexico. long story short, after reading of some of their unsavory business practices I informed the staff at my company to not accept any packages or sign for any package containing toner without consulting me first. Anything from Allstate is an automatic return to sender. Hopefully we won't get any of their unsolicited shipments, but if we do we will report them to the BBB and get out lawyer involved.

    Honestly, given the past of this company it should be out of business, but it shows what scam artists are capable of and that the government really does not have the power to shut them down. Now what does that say about the power of your tax dollars at work?

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  • Li
    lij317 Nov 18, 2009

    I got a call from them today - I just replaced this woman at my company 3 weeks ago and Allstate Imaging calls me saying they had a "verbal agreement" with the woman in my position before me and I am obligated to purchase the rest of the wholesale box of cartridges. I told her that unfortunately, a verbal agreement with someone who no longer works here does not pass in my book. She yelled at me and threatened to call the "owner of my company." I work for a non-profit. If she would have done her homework, she would have know their is no owner. Don't say those words to a non-profit. Anyway, I told her that I hoped she would and it would be lovely to chat with her again. I think I pissed her off. I was happy.

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  • Bi
    Bill Gates Oct 29, 2009

    This company Allstate Imaging in Chatsworth Ca runs the classic toner scam. Do not speak with them. Hang up if you are smart.

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  • Bh
    bhk1422 Apr 10, 2009

    i have worked here a year, (undisclosed location) and yes they call all the time, they always ask for the serial number on the printers, ususally when i ask who they are the slam down the phone, so i got curios as to why they wanted those numbers, they next time they called i played along, but asked like i was really stupid, then i asked where they were from, i said i was really busy, trying to figure out what what "all these buttons are for" lol -she said she would call back, well she just did- and i still dont know why!!! why they are so secret about who they are and why they want those serial #'s does anyone know? anyways finally she said the name of the company, i googled while she was on the line, repeated her address from the post to her, which she confirmed, inturn she asked for my fax, i gave her my e-mail, so we will see.

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  • Do
    Donald Graham Mar 25, 2009

    We had severe problems with this company. They sent the wrong ink, they sent us toner that did not work with any of machines that we have. We told them this. This Juan person from there company along with another supposed to be called John, calls repeatedly and harrasses everyone in the office. We asked they the pick up these products that were not ordered because we were not going to pay for something we did not order. I even tried to speak with someone in upper management and they sent us right to this Juan person. The Company is a scam and a joke. They are very unprofessional and rude

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