Alliedpackercompan is run by cheats and jokers


Please Please DONOT USE this company.

This is just a SHOP and not a company.. Company employs RUDES and HOOLIGANS who even threaten once they get their money.

The person I am co-ordinating with, Mr. Manoj(who manages Noida circle and reports to Mr Praveen), is a complete maniac and an idiot.

This guy talked very politely and behaved till the time I had not given him the money. My stuff has been moved from Delhi to bangalore and is yet to be unpacked.
Manoj had promised to get it unpacked today. But he is not even picking up the phone when I am calling him. I tried to call him from other phone and now he is very rude.

Is anyone going to take an action or this company is just a joke ??

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