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I hired Allied Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. to replace the roof on my townhouse. I received a roof of incredibly poor quality. It has been leaking from the first day until now. The company does not honor warranty and refuses to fix the leaks. The work being done by unknown subcontractors, not by Allied employees. It looks like Allied Roofing does not have its own crew and sells the jobs to most likely unlicensed "know how" people.
The owner, Robert Borowski, showed up on my driveway in an "Allied Roofing" smart car, dressed in an Allied uniform, and gave me the best price around. Per the contract, work was to be done by licensed and insured Allied employees. That never happened. Work was done by unknown, non-licensed subcontractors. Now I know why his price was a "good deal". He does not do the work that his customer expects him to do. He sells jobs to unlicensed "know how" people who I would not allow to step on my property, If I knew of it beforehand. I have two underage daughters. They were scared to go home. The people who showed up to work on the roof were driving unmarked vehicles, scary looking, and could not answer who they work for. You can clearly see they had no idea what to do.
Once the first group of unlicensed & unknown people put brand new asphalt coating on the roof, the roof start leaking in 3 places. (Note: asphalt coating it is what makes a roof waterproof. The tile is simply for decoration).
I complained to the company about poor work done to my roof . One man showed up, in an unmarked vehicle, with no business card, and no "nametag". I was told; "People who put the asphalt on did not do a good job, ". He said he fixed the problem.
I complained again. Additionally, I reminded Robert Borowski that per the contract, the work has to be done by a licensed and insured crew. The next morning, the tile was delivered. Once again, no Allied employees were on site.
Note: In order to deliver tile, heavy equipment is needed. Per code, the delivery crew has to put plywood on the ground as protection, and not run the equipment over the ground. The delivery people ignored completing this task, and ran the equipment over the ground, with no protection. They literally broke my driveway in two halves.
I complained again, but Robert Borowski refused to fix the problem. So here I am with a leaking roof, broken driveway, and contractor who refuses to fix the problems.
Do not make my mistake: do not hire Robert Borowski and Allied Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. 2801 NW 55th Ct, Ste 5W Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309 tel [protected] to do anything.


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    Felix987 Sep 15, 2013

    All issues with Allied Roofing have been resolved. Please change status of the complaint to "resolved"

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  • Fe
    Felix987 Sep 15, 2013

    All issues with Allied Roofing have been resolved. Please change the status to "resolved"

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