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PLEASE READ AND BEWARE OF BECOMING A AVON REP!!! Hi I am a stay at home disable (but the state of Okla doesn't think I am disable)mom with 2 teenage girls, so I thought it would be cheaper if I became a Avon Rep. in April '08 Since they need makeup, hair supplies, body lotion, etc... Will my MISTAKE!!!

It was horrible the biggest mistake I could have every done. Oh and the help and support that you are suppose to get from your district manager yea NEVER happen she signs you up takes your $10.00 hands you a piece of crap bag that falls apart before you even get home some crappy smelling colog samples and alot of papers and if you go to the monthly sales meeting which thats a joke also, and she forgets who you are. I was going to have a come and go party for the teenagers that my daughters know for Avons Mark products she would never ever help me with it. I would purchase something it would come in and then it would not be the same color, or maybe it was the wrong size so I would send the product back. Yea Avon says that they never received my products or items, but they want you to go ahead and pay for the product and when they receive my product they will give you the credit then and if I would send 4 different things back I would maybe get credit for 2 things and then they would make it where I could no longer purchase items until I paid.

I just got sick and tired of Avon and the no help that I never got so I decided to quit and I would call and emailed my Distric Manager and never ever called me back or she would call when I was picking up my kids. and I would call right back always voice mail. Also NEVER EVER call the home office and Im not prejudices or anything like that but when you call Avon's home office the ppl that answers the phones cannot speak a bit of English and if you ask them to repeat what they are saying to you they get mad WHAT??? where is this person at?? America!! 1st language is what ENGLISH!!! but anyways, I would call and email telling them that I sent these items to them I would give the tracking # I would tell them when, time of day, the date I sent it and I even got the person name that signed for the box at Avon they would just tell me that it takes 7 to 10 days before they can completely credit my acct. ok its been 6 mos or more and no credit. What happened with all my product? They act like they never received it. I tell them that I do not owe the amount they are saying and they tell me to go ahead and pay it and they will give me a credit on my acct. when they get all my products back in the system ok I did that BIG MISTAKE!!!

Now it has been almost a year and they are now saying I owe them product and money no that man that signed for my box of product is the one that owes it he probably took it and put it on Ebay for sale. The reason why Im saying all this stuff is because I got a really nice phone call from this really nice man HAHAHA JOKE!!! He is from the ALLIED DATA CORP. in Texas his name is Victor Bomer and I needed to call him now cuz my file came acrossed his desk and that either my Attorney or myself needed to call him no later then tomorrow or he will have to take legal actions against me and that he has my SS# and my birthday and he has my add: and he knows where I live in Oklahoma and he also said that since I live in the great state of Oklahoma he will be able to resolve this problem of mine very quickly. Now tell me this isn't a threat?? Claiming that he is going to come where I live and resolve this problem this isn't a problem because I did every thing that Avon asked me to do and I still get threats.

This is not right especially since my daughter heard it before I did. My daughter heard it and I wasn't at home yet and she got really scared and she called me and was like mom get home now I think a man might be coming by are home. She was scared to death until I got home. This should not be and I think this man and his company should be stopped he has no idea whether or not I owe this he didn't ask me he just threaten me. For all he knows is that I live in the great state of Oklahoma and he can get me. Try please try cuz I will contact a attorney for the threats he made to me and especially for scaring my daughter how dare he call here. How the economy is going on right now people lose there jobs and homes and such I wish Allied Data would go out of business but they probably wont. But really this ppl need to be STOPPED and STOPPED now..

I am tired of this stuff it needs to be stopped and we are the ones that need to do it we can I know we can there are so many of us that can do this. We need to stick together... No one threatens me or scares my family in anyway. So I hoped this helps someone out and especially I hope you really think about becoming a Avon rep. just clip coupons and go to Target and buy your makeup and other products please. I would of never done this but when I google the 1-800 # that I got on my caller ID from this company Allied Data Corp. Victor the one that is coming to my house cuz he knows where I live and knows my SS# and b-day and when I saw all the comments that ppl had made about this co. and Avon I had to let other ppl know that this is still going on and I thought I was the only one that had this problem.


  • Na
    NANI CHERI May 01, 2009

    This man is a TYRANT. He contacted me. I could not even barely get a word in. He would not let me off the phone. I had to hang up. I cannot even deal with him.I contacted Avons main headquarters myself. They act like they DO NOT KONW who ALLIED DATA CORP IS, BUT THEY DO. I would rather deal with AVON DIRECTLY than this Tyrant. Saying it`s his way or the highway, and a bunch of other SHENANIGANS. A bunch of CLASSIC SCARE TACTICS.

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  • Na
    NANI CHERI May 01, 2009

    that was KNOW. Sorry i spelled incorrectly.

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  • Ch
    chatti_chica Jul 23, 2010

    I hated being a avon rep as well...never thought I would do anything like that again until my girlfriend started Mary Kay and so far I couldn't be happier...maybe you should check into it. I posted some info for you below!!! Good Luck!

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