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Allianz Malaysia agent-Ng Poh Leng of Axti Consultancy came to my house uninvited just now. (9pm 12 Oct 2017).

I told her that you are uninvited, you not yet answer my questions in Whatsapp.
She asked what questions? Ask it now, I am ready here to answer.
I asked did you read my whatsapp message and e-mail seriously?
She said I did.
I asked her back, so what are the questions I asked in whatsapp and e-mail?
She can't answer.
She said the insurance company needs to clarify the situation before making claim to S.
I asked did we try to continue claim Allianz after we receive the claim rejection SMS?
She said no, but it doesn't matter, because we need to find out too.
I said, in the letter, Allianz Malaysia states that it is suspending the cashless medical facility. So just to reconfirm that Allianz Malaysia will continue deduct me full amount while providing limited or close to none coverage?
She said if you want to stop the payment, I let you sign the form, then we can stop the payment right away.
I asked her can I demand Allianz to continue providing full coverage while I stop the payment now because I need to clarify something with Allianz?
She didn't answer this directly. She said if you want to stop payment, you need to sign the form.
I said, now we have limited coverage, in the same time we are obligated to pay the full amount. What are we paying for? If Allianz dares to deduct full amount on my credit card account again, I will pursue this case to the end.
She said now the company-Allianz Malaysia found out that S has medical checkup in hospital few years ago. Allianz Malaysia needs all S medical record from [protected]. She doesn't disclose her information fully to Allianz Malaysia.
I said oh, you act like you know many things. I am the client, I paid money to Allianz Malaysia, if Allianz Malaysia has the proof, prove to me, write black and white, don't only use mouth. Not to mention my own premium payment, only mention the S payment. Already paid 6 months, not even claim 1 cent from Allianz, still need to do so many homeworks? Why Allianz doesn't do it for me? It takes the money. If it accuses so, write black and white and terminate the medical card.
Then the oral conversation ended.

Later I wrote message to Ng Poh Leng in Whatsapp. I want her to repeat what she said and claimed in Whatsapp black and white. And I wrote, if you think what you said is right, write it. I can accept it.
I only see two blue ticks which signals read, but no reply.

My original letter to Allianz Malaysia, cc to insurance agent and central bank of Malaysia.
Attn: Complaints Unit, Customer Service Department, Allianz Life Insurance Malaysia Berhad

I write on behalf of S, which received a letter of Claims Notification and Deferment Advice.
I demand your formal apology and explanation on the following issues.

1) No enclosed form with this letter at all even the word "enclosed" is stated in the letter. Do you really expect her to have the form filled in without providing the "enclosed" form to her?
2) Suspending cashless medical, in the same time deducting full premium?
This is your business practice? In your letter, you only mention that you are suspending the cashless medical facility but no mention that she will have discount on the medical premium during the suspension period. So what is she paying during the suspension period?
Using your way of doing thing, I demand you to immediately stop deducting insurance premium from my credit card account, and in the same time you need to provide the insured full coverage during the period I have questions on you.

3) Asymmetry on information collection. Allianz Malaysia always has many additional information request from clients to justify the application, claim and whatever request from clients. Can clients request the same amount of information from Allianz Malaysia when they have question on whether to continue paying Allianz?
I want Allianz to supply me all Allianz no claim/claim rejection/claim disbursement record of past 5 years.
I wonder where is the fairness if the clients don't have the right to do so.
I have serious doubt on your insurance business practice.
Your counterpart in Indonesia - Allianz Indonesia is involved in some sorts of scandal recently. I doubt Allianz Malaysia has the same corporate culture with Allianz Indonesia?

Please convince me that it is not true by substantial action.

4) S got rejection of claim via SMS from Allianz Malaysia on beginning of Sep 2017, We accepted it, paid the medical bill without insurance, no tried to claim after receiving the SMS, still get suspension letter dated 29/09/2017?
What is this? You write this clause in your insurance policy you given to her?
Tell me the page. Why do the clients always bear the burden of proof to convince the insurance companies?
We only ever make premium payments, never take even one cent from Allianz. What we got is no coverage is felt, and a lot of troubles.
Is it like the old saying? When insurance company needs your money, everything is ok. When you needs money from insurance company, everything is under processing?

5) Lack of disclosure on claim procedure, claim record from Allianz, but in the same time, Allianz reserves all the right to request information and additional information. Is it fair?
Allianz reserves the right to verify and further verify the information collected from customers, but customers have no way to verify and further verify the information provided by Allianz.
I seriously doubt the justification of this kind of practice.
Can you explain to me where is the fairness?

6) I communicated with Allianz agent - Ng Poh Leng (handphone number [protected]) before sending this letter. She did not answer my questions at all. I write this official letter to Allianz Malaysia complaint unit now, cc to the agent and Bank Negara in the same time.
No matter what is the result, I will post the result on internet to share my experience. I reserve the right to organize/participate in class action against you or take whatever appropriate action on this issue.

Please reply this letter as soon as possible with your integrity and sincerity. Please be noted that your late reply or lack of proper reply will do you no good.
Please meet my demand as stated in the letter and offer a good explanation and remedy to the issues.

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