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alliance law center San Diego CAloan Modification &bad deal&

The Alliance Law Center to me is bull chit. I paid them $4500.00 for a modification ten months ago and tomorrow I have to pay the bank of America $80.000.00 for back payments. After three months of not paying my house payment I asked if I should start paying my payments again and the attorney said no. I was told that you needed to be three months behind in your payment before the bank would talk to you about your Modification. I asked the attorney what was going to happen to my back payments and he said that the bank would put the back payment would be put on the end of my loan. Wrong. That’s way I'm having to pay eighty thousand dollars back to the bank so I don't get foreclose on. I now want my moneys back plus the Eighty thousand dollars I had to make up and compensation for coning me. I thank they all should be put away and there attorney license be taken away. And yes when you call you almost never get the same person or you get the answering machine telling you that there so busy they can’t answer. There not going to do a dam think but masturbate you. I’m not done with then. I’m calling the attorneys board tomorrow also. They need to be disbarred but I’ll be back after I talk to the bank on Thursday 8/20/2009.

David D
Alamo ca


  • Ja
    JamestheGiant Aug 28, 2009

    Attorney General is finally doing something to stopp these crooks. Checkout:

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  • Md
    M diaz Aug 31, 2009

    these guys are to be caught right NOW!

    Please some one have mercy for us the victims!

    where's the LAW?

    they also took my $4, 500. for my loan modfication and my lenders don't stop calling, Now I know why.

    I called all last week and something told me that there's was something wrong, than I hear the news for Alliance and this is so bad, how can these guys sleep at night

    Chris Barwick, you said that atty, James Imperial was going to represent me, and Eduardo Neri, where are you? why don't you answer my calls ?

    All I want is my money back! or you take care and get me what you promised, a Loan Modification,

    I am so glad that I did not referred any clients to you, remember how much you guys were asking for clients? at least I can sleep at night because I didn't refer anyone to you!

    you will be caught! we the people are going to get together and fight and put you guys where you belong.. why don't you just turn your selfs in before you get into deeper problems ?

    Please return our money back, , ,

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  • Ja
    Jared4 Aug 31, 2009

    Wow!!! I thought I was being one of the intelligent citizens going through a loan modification. This can't happen to me. I went to Alliance Law Center. It's been 6 months now and nothing! My husband drove down there today. To their new location at 600 suite B, San Diego. NO ONE IS THERE! The security guard said they are going under!!! There has been TV news crew, many many people are showing up. Wow!!! We've been had out of $3800.0. What do I do now? Any advice out there would be great!

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  • Sc
    Scam victim:( Aug 31, 2009

    We are in the same situation. We sent them money the first have June and have only heard from them twice since then and that was after I called them. Everytime I called to see if there was any progress on my loan modification, there was a new person answering the phone and a bunch of lies being told in order to cover the fact that they had not even submitted my paperwork to the bank. We gave them our last penny. How could a company do this and get away with this. I think we all need to pull together and find these people. I don't know how they can fraud people like this. People who are trying to save their homes from being foreclosed on, how dare they take the last little bit of money we have and then close their doors. I am sick to my stomach knowing they did this. We need to find them and file a class action law suit against these people. Let's pull together and fight!
    These people need to go to jail for what they have done.
    Maybe we can go to the news and get help. I don't know what to do at this point, but I am going to fight for my money back.

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  • Ma
    margarita ramos Sep 01, 2009

    I was also taken from Alliance Law Center, they lie they don't bother returning your calls and they where very quick at cashing the $3500.00 check. I hope that they take their license to practice they don't deserve it.

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  • Lo
    loanmodnewsguy Sep 01, 2009

    Check out:

    I am a Professional Real Estate Agent that was well connected to a few employees there and thought you should know what I noticed. I stood in shock and amazement several times in ALC's old location and most recently the new location down in San Diego's Crack Alley, when I listened to Alliance Law Centers training material and closing pitches made by many of their unqualified/unlicensed/inexperienced sales force, I was amazed at how their pitch is to get your money by exploiting your situation and playing the “We are a Law Firm” card. I have been in many of Law Offices in my days and I have never seen one that looks anything like this.

    This is a turn-em and burn- em, very competitive sales force driven by your cash and the salespersons commission more than results, Real Estate financing or the ever desired “Actually Helping You”. I've seen several sales people high fiving each other as some poor homeowner committed to paying ALC $1000's of dollars they probably could not afford for the dream of getting a loan Mod, The Poor Homeowner surely hoping that the individual with the smooth closing line on the phone and the "We have done 1000's of Loan Mods" bull crap who is taking their money, was going to actually solve any problem. Yeah Right!! Their set up has between 30-50 salespeople manning the phones at all times in a 2nd story warehouse type room in the Ghetto. At no time are any of the 30-50 salespeople that are always on the phone actually making calls to your lenders or on your files. These people spend all day trying to close new deals, get people to sign up and pay the upfront fees. These so called File In takers, Loan Analysts, Advocates, Debt Consultants and whatever other glorified titles they use, range from chain smoking, used car salespeople types, gamblers betting on sports half the day to ex con’s and the like.

    It was common to see perspiration on the brow of salespeople from the fever frenzy sales pitches being made. I wondered if anyone working there actually knows enough about loans to even get you a Crappy Mortgage. I was amazed at how little most of the sales people actually knew about Loan Mods or Real Estate for that matter. The Loan Mod/ Debt Settlement salespeople seemed to have the same canned questions and replies to homeowners concerns. I even saw scripts on many desks and some posted to walls of cubicles. Most of the sales force comes from an entirely different industry altogether but have decided due to the economic conditions to jump on the Loan Mod/ Debt Settlement gravy train, where you are the mashed potatoes.

    I met several of the Legal Team and most looked like they were fresh out of High School/Law school. I thought to myself "No way is this Kid an Attorney" when I met the first one, I wondered why anyone would hire a group of Kid's fresh out of Law School to do Loan Mods. Check out the License numbers of ALC Counsel with State Bar and you will see many new Licensees’. It is a chaotic environment that appears to not have much depth or expertise in the Real Estate industry and a lot of expertise in taking your upfront fees.

    ALC’s expertise in Real Estate became evident to me after asking some basic Real Estate Law questions (of which I already knew the answer) to a few of the young Attorney’s. The answers were embarrassing as to their Basic Real Estate knowledge and a few did not know the answer and said “They would check into it” and get back to me. I'm sure they are bright kids if, in fact, they go the distance and get a Law Degree. However, hands on experience was obviously lacking from the apparent age of several of the Legal Team. I had to ask myself “A Law Degree doesn’t make one a Real Estate or Mortgage Expert?” “Does it?” Most have never originated a new mortgage and now desperate home owners are throwing $1000 of dollars at these inexperienced guys
    UPFRONT to get a loan mod. As time progresses the many angry clients of ALC will continue to surface at it will be obvious that ALC couldn’t get you a loan mod any more effectively than you could yourself with a little help from a Real, Real Estate Professional. It’s nice to see that the Attorney General is now taking some action against these guys. I would imagine that ALC is most concerned about the AG charges and the many more complaints that are on the way from other state AG’s and pissed off individuals. If you thought it was hard to get in touch with these guys before, wait a week of so.

    ALC is posting what some might think are great success stories about the Loan Mods they are getting done, as you can see on the website and Twitter for example. What ALC should be saying is “we have taken in Millions of Dollars from 1000’s of Desperate Homeowners and have really only succeeded in helping a very, very small number of people In relation to number of clients we have taken money from”. I am sure ALC has many clients who’s home went to Foreclosure, say ALC did nothing for me, now homeless, unhappy campers as clients

    I have been reading the posts about them and thought I might be able to help shed some light as to what you actually are getting with the Alliance Law Center Boiler Room Help Center. I would not allow them to watch my dog let alone watch out for my best interest in Modifying my Mortgage. Once you pay ALC the up font fee, it’s guaranteed to be all uphill from there. This guarantee is of course more bankable than ALC’s guarantee to their customers/victims.

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  • Lo
    loanmodnewsguy Sep 01, 2009

    Does anyone Know Mr. Pamilla's first name?

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  • Fr
    fraudulentfools Sep 02, 2009

    There's another posting on this site, which would support what most people are saying here ("Alliance Law Center Complaints - Malpractise"). In that, if you read through it you'll find Mr. Pamilla's first name, as well as a host of complaints similar to ours.

    I am also a recent client of Alliance Law Center. On July 30th, after several phone calls, a notice in the mail, and a free face-to-face consultation, they squeezed me for $2595 (it was an end of month special and I needed to do it then or miss out). I stayed in touch with these people every week, until recently I attempted contact on all phone numbers and email addresses I could response. I was ready to go down there tomorrow, until I read this post and a few others. I am very disappointed to read what I have read here and what I have researched in the past couple of hours. I have provided additional information to Alliance since some of these postings (but before I read them), as I was still under the impression that I would be seeing some results from their efforts. Not only am I concerned about the money, but what about the information we've provided them?

    Here's what I'm going to hopes of our system and representative will actually represent us...
    1. Contact the State Attorney General's office to file a complaint:
    2. Contact the California State Bar to file a complaint:
    3. Contact the BBB to file a complaint:
    4. Contact the FBI...this may be fraud, which is a white collar crime that is investigated by the says so on their website:

    I may also contact a couple of politicians...but I won't contact another attorney until I see some responses from 1-4...

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  • Vi
    vicky corcuera Sep 05, 2009

    I paid them 4, 000 for a loan modification and they did nothing. I would call them and leave messages. Their endless lies gave me hope, and now I’m devastated.

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  • An
    Anthony F. Sep 06, 2009

    We're with you. Same deal with us, as well. They took us for $3800. We need a class action suit and we'll also contact all of the websites you noted above. We also want the first attorney, Ahren Tiller, who was the attorney with whom we initially signed up. Cameron Edwards took over without Tiller notifying us he was no longer in charge of the company. Clearly this is Abandonment of Client by all of them; a very serious offense. We feel ALL of those people with whom we have spoken, and who have all lied to us from the very beginning, should be held accountable for their fraudulent actions.

    Tony F.

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  • Ja
    Jared4 Sep 07, 2009

    It states: "To all Clients" did you get it? I will be happy to send anyone the email, just advise me of your email...

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  • 2c
    [email protected] Sep 08, 2009

    I too got the letter sent to All Clients by Cameron Edwards. Basically he states that he is insolvent. Does anyone know if he filed for bankruptcy yet?

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  • Je
    jesse got ripped off Sep 09, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too, have been scammed by these so called officers of the court. how can you trust anybody these days, they should make a law on people who are so called attorneys, knowingly scamming people be dealt with.WE who our honestly getting by, being responsible trying to get some type of help so we don't end up on the street, as I write this fable, because that 's what it seems like, but as you hit reality all you have to do is network about it and maybe somekind person who's had enough of these schisters STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING! Because i'll be the fisrt in line thinking and dreaming what we can do to these ### of the earth dirt bags

    e-mail me at [email protected] or ask for Jesse [protected]

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  • 4m
    4malina Sep 10, 2009

    CALL STEVE COHN WITH West Coast Property Solutions WILL HELP YOU!
    [protected] ext. 240. Alliance have been instructing us since January not to make payments and we found out from Steve Cohn about the Sept. 3rd letter on the website.

    We had an initial phone call with Cohn, the next day a conference call with BOA was set!! Alliance never even got that far. Call Steve. It's the best thing you can do at this point. He and his crew have connections and we are now negotiating direct with BOA.

    Alliance completely screwed us also, but thanks to Steve and his office; we are on our way to not losing our [email protected][email protected]#@!#@!#@!#

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  • Ri
    Rigoberto Monge Sep 17, 2009

    I paid $3800.00 for a modification back in february 2009. nothing was achieve everytime i call for a status on my case they always said that the bank was moving slowly.
    Suppostly they had 12 lawyers working for them now no one know's where they went? Bull ###

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  • Lo
    lorena vizcaino Sep 17, 2009

    I went to alliance almost 1 year ago now i am in forbearance now i am dealing with bank i would call them and no one returned my call then they said they lost my file i went yesterday the place is empty i hope they bust these idiots !!!

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  • Sa
    Savannah Huff Sep 23, 2009

    We hired ALC for 4 property loan modifications. Price paid was almost $14, 000.00 last February. I have made so many phone calls, left messages, sent emails and faxes. Always told to just be patient we are working on your behalf. Had one house set to auction in August and one for end of September. What they have been doing is beyond me. Most of my lenders are now contacting me for the loan mods. I have handled one myself and was so surprised at how very easy it was. I just sent the same papers that I had sent to ALC many months ago but apparently no one did anything with it. In July I demanded my money back as they had not preformed as they had promised. I received an email from Cameron Edwards (supposedly head attorney) saying they would refund my money but it would be less any billable hours that they had spent on my cases. He reminded me also that I had signed in my agreements to not sue but to go to arbitration. Funny he would remind me of something I signed for when he and his company have defrauded me out of the last money I had, plus some borrowed funds. Apparently he didn't feel one bit bad about it. I want and need my money back also. Understand that he is operating under another company name with new partner. Still offering loan mods but the price has gone up to $5000.00. I need the funds back to try to negotiate with my lenders to save my remaining properties. Any help anyone can offer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Judy

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  • Mo
    MonaG2010 Jun 04, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well I see I'm not the only one getting ripped off by this West Coast Property Solutions located in Irvine, CA.. I paid $6, 000.last year to get loan mods for 3 homes. I get the same thing you got from them, "Be patient we are working on your half." At the time I was seeking modifications I was not late, but I knew I was getting into trouble, however these people were telling me not to make any mortgage payments because the lenders won;t help me unless I was really late.

    Well thanks to them, I nearly got foreclosed on. I ended up using my income tax refund to save my home. I caught up on another late mortgage and currently working on the last. All this and they did nothing for me but put me off for a year.

    All I want is my money back, since no one provided a service. I will not pay for a loan mod again. Its a rip-off. They take your hard earned money and run with it, just like robbers, but without guns, they prey on people who are desperate for help.

    Thanks for letting me vent. Mona

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  • Su
    Sunshine1956 Jan 25, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having the same situation, a big rip off, I was told to be late, and after a year, no loan modification. The contract signed said i would get my money back if nothing happened within 6 months, now after a year is still promises and I cant get my money back. I am going to the law booard to report Mr. Micheal Sachs

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