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I ordered a sweatshirt previously from All-American Outfitter (over a year ago), and was completely satisfied with it, so I ordered another one recently. However, when it arrived in the mail, the heat press transfer had been put on the back of the sweatshirt, with an unwanted logo on the front (that I didn't ask for). I called and relayed my dissatisfaction to the owner, and was told to send the sweatshirt back to him (at my expense of course). Well, I'd already spent almost $30.00 for the initial sweatshirt, that arrived printed wrong at their error... not mine. And he expected me to pay another $8.00 to UPS the unwanted (only because their company printed it on the back instead of the front) sweatshirt back to him. I am appalled! Coupled with the error in printing the screen print on the front exactly like the one I'd ordered previously, I was told they always "print it on the back" unless specifically told otherwise by the customer and that it is stated on the site. It very well may be... but if it is... it certainly isn't on the page that shows the heat transfers and shirts, you simply click on what you want and place the order. Perhaps they should make it more effident. But, it certainly wasn't a problem a year ago. Most reputable companies would have corrected this problem, without hesitation at their own company expense in an effort to keep a returning customer! Thats the American way! Not this one though! All I wanted was a sweatshirt with a specific screen print (on the front) and I'd had been happy... I certainly was last year when I ordered one. Oh well, lesson learned... and I'm out of almost 30.00 on a darn sweatshirt I'll never wear, all the while this company prides themselves on being "All American". I beg to differ that this is the American way of conducting good business and making good business relationships!

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    Mickey Blue Eyes Apr 19, 2011

    I'm from UK and I ordered $127.00 worth of clothing on line I paid $50 shipping and was Charged another £31 when it arrived here !!! And they because they are the wrong size I have to send them back costing me another £80 !!! Won't be making that mistake again !! Thanks All American for Nothing !!! Oh and thanks for the replies to my emails that you didnt answer!!!

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