All Transitleft wheel chair at airport and late pick up and unprofessional conduct


On october 16, 2017 I booked a ride for return on october 17, 2017 from jfk to my home for a 6:50 pm pick up. After several calls and was told several different excuses why my ride hasn't picked me up. The pick up was 1hour and55 mins late. The agent princess never came to speak to me. She spoke to my aid, and informed him that she couldn't take me. My aid helped me to the car and I tried to board the car. The agent blocked me from boarding. (it was freezing out side sitting from 6pm till 8:15pm) I explained to her that I was freezing and my back was locking up due to sitting still, and the freezing cold. My aid helped me round her and I sat in the car. The agent refused to close the door or turn on heat. The agent princess then stated that I had to much luggage and it was company policy to leave the person or call her supervisor. Which she did (a ms. Aisha). Informed me that the driver wasn't allowed to take me with all that luggage. I explained that I would like to see that in writing and that my aid will handle my luggage. Aisha very rudely told me itstransit policy I told her I was riding with transit for years and that's not correct. We got into a verbal argument I asked for her operator number and ms. Princess hug up the phone. By that time I directed my aid to load the car with my luggage. My aid did put my luggage into the car with out any help from the agent, she drove off leaving my wheelchair. The agent departure jfk app. 8: 35 pm. My aid informed her that she left my wheelchair she stated that their wasn't enough room for two. Agent preceded to pick up another passenger and dropping her off. The second passage also had a wheelchair. I didn't return home till 10:15pm.

This behavior is very dangerous and disrespectful to me and my disability. The agent and her supervisor made me feel like I was a burden and that I should be great full for the treatment they gave me. I thought the purpose of access a ride was to help disabled people not harm them. I'm so ashamed of the treatment I received

Id# 143969

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