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ive read all complaints and issues with infinity spas, but it extends far beyond that. david hatley bought several spa companys and this web site diplays everything you need to stay away from. i recently purchased an infinity ariel spa for 5k from choose direct spas. it arrived right on time... wrong color interior problem...ripped cover...sewed it on the seam...cracked lower corner on synthetic shell...superglued it. no instructions what so ever on how to operate/fill tub (thank god for the internet). turned tub on...look out! a jet housing popped out into water...water was coming out from underneath 2 sides. shut it down and took all four sides off. sliced insulation and located the source of 3 leaks. 2 were hose connects...okay maybe came loose during shipping. sit down for this one. next i inspected the 2 jet pumps and 2 screws were missing with water flying out even though they were not running. ozonator/circulation pump nonfunctional/stereo speakers both blown. called choosedirect to say you can come and pick whatever this is up. got the same runaround with empty voicemail boxes and managers that dont exist just like infinity customer experiences. they seemed shocked and said they dont have a return policy. that was 5/28/09. i contacted the manufacturer in johnson city, tn. this is where emailers/this web site helped. i found myself talking to same people mentioned in other noted experiences from infinity spas. they have no brochures or technical info on any of there product. they put you on hold and come back with a guess. for instance i was told my spa was 325 to 350 gallons. important info for water treatment. well i timed my water hose in filling an empty gallon of milk at exactly 10 sec. 40 minutes later my tub was filled bringing capacity to 240 gallons...mmm...not even close. remember this is suppose to be the manufacturer.. i dont think so. plant closed in 2006 laying off 120 workers in johnson city, tn. very easily found news article on that after purchase. they apologized for my problems and told me to find a local tech to fix problems and they would contact techs company and arrange payment. come to find out infinity/great spa or any other david hatley owned spa co. owes this 16yr old very reputable co. thousands of dollars in unpaid service calls. they flat out refused to deal with them and shared 45min conversation on legal papers filed and dates of chapter 11s. i then called back the manufacturer and they of course denied owing anybody and said i would have to wait 3 to 4 weeks for an infinity authorized tech because this one would not work with them. i said well then ill pay him and you pay me back. no can do they said because i do not have visa capability. i asked favor of local tech if he would submit paperwork and collect repayment through his company and then cut me a check. no problem he says and manufacturer thought it to be a brilliant idea(yah right!). anyway spa is fixed. have an amazing local tech( and i know ill never see any money or any portion of this 5yr warranty honored. good luck everyone! im up for class action. i can be reached at [protected]

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