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50% of 2 complaints were resolved
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10:42 am EDT

All Season Movers Employee theft

Your employee Hector and his crew moved me on July 17, 2022. Hector stole my Nintendo wii and another gaming system along with my Michael Kors smart watch. One if the Mars returned my game systems, but I still do not have my smart watch, that was bmcery expensive. Not to mention no one provided any compensation for anything and the nerve for the mover the ask for a tip for each person moving my items. Requesting a tip and stealing is unacceptable! I have never endured such lack of professionalism like this and it is terrible for a customer to trust you with their belongings and then you steal from them. An apology is not acceptable!

Desired outcome: I would like to be compensated for my watch and these unnecessary measures.

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6:02 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

All Season Movers Do not use them

This company was far from satisfactory with our local domestic move and the customer service. Their poor packing decisions led to the breaking of our china cabinet glass and a large piece of the hutch was cracked. Our 36" television was scratched due to the fact is wasn't wrapped in a moving pad which All Seasons insisted I need at $20 a piece.

Three calls requesting a manager or a supervisor have yielded no results. Each time I was told "the manager is not in today", and Jesse took our contact information and informed us that a message would be left for the manager to contact us. To this date, we have not heard a single word from All Seasons. What really annoys me is that we paid for the moving insurance to cover any damage during our move. A lot of good that did!

I would not recommend this moving company to anyone!

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