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miessence lemon myrtle shampoo

I tried to place an order with All Natural Cosmetics on July 2nd. For some reason I had trouble completing. order. I eventually tried again, but instead of being able use my debit card was forced to go through PayPal. Then several days later I was contacted by the company telling me to complete the order. I didn't check the details of the order, so without realizing reordered the same item. After checking with my bank I discovered that the order had in fact gone through. When I ordered the second time I used my debit card with no problem. I don't know what went on with this company, or what role PayPal had in this, since I couldn't contact anyone from PayPal, there is no customer service, to be able to resolve this. I never realized that All Natural Cosmetics is actually a spa, so I think this is misleading. So far I haven't received the item, or a refund. I didn't want to order more than one shampoo, since I didn't have enough funds in my account to cover it, and didn't want to become overdrawn. Either this was a mistake or it was something else. Either way I am out $61.90.