All In One Morales Home Improvementswork he did for me

M Jul 17, 2019

Plumbing and water tank instalation... If there is one guy you should be aware of is this carlos morales of all in one home improvments in eht nj 08234, I hire this guy to do some plumbing for me I paid him $2000 and after that he offer himself to install a brand new water heater for which he asked 1000, he installed it and had the gas company come out to turn the gas on... And was questioned who intsall the water heater? They said what kind of monkey job is here? The water tank was sitting crooked, the water tank had a 3/4 inch hose for the gas connection even though it required 1/2 inch, there wasnt a shot off valve attached... And the ventilation pipes were placed wrong and of a wrong material... So I called him back and asked him did you ever install a water tank before?? I had to pay another guy 100 to fix the probelms, and today I spent 4 hours for carlos to come back and fix the shut off valve... I spent another $40 dollars in parts I want to bring his experties to light before someone gets hurt really bad... This guy is a amateur not a plumber!!

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