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I purchased an All-Glass 18" x 48" classic mission style aquarium stand from Big Al's in Edmonton. After I got it home and before it was set up, there was a minor spill of water on the hardwood floor. The left front leg was in the water and because it is a laminate material (partacle board wrapped with a water proof material) caused it to swell significantly; there was no damage to the hardwood flooring. Given that this is, a structural component and I would be putting a 110 gallon tank on the stand, I did not want to risk setting up the tank. I contact Big Al's to get a replacement piece/new stand/refund, as the product literature indicates that the stand is water resistant, and that due to poor workmanship the one leg was not sealed properly. Big Al's contacted the manufacturer and after about a month, Big Al's indicated that this is not covered under warrantee and the piece would not be replaced as it was a structural item. The one leg is held in place by a dozen screws and is easily removed. I am most confused by this statement, as the product is deemed water resistant, and the stand is put together similar to any Ikea type furniture. THIS IS AN AQUARIUM STAND, WHY WOULD IT BE DAMAGED BEYOUD REPAIR FROM SOMETHING AS MINOR AS A WATER LEAK????

When speaking with the Big Al's representative he gave me no worthwill advise, his only suggestions were to set it up in the basement and see if it fails or buy a new stand. I found him insulting as he was trying to define water resistant in whatever way that made Big Al's not responsible for the damaged leg and keep indicating that if they refunded the money or replaced the stand, his store would loss the money; my response was that the store made a profit on the item and I am out the money as the stand is useless as it is.

This puts me in a position that I am both confused and angry, as it appears that the stand I purchased is now worthless and I am out $1100. I see no attempt at customer service from Big Al's and no warrantee to cover my damaged stand.


Bad customer service
Bad customer service


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    Not displaying Jun 10, 2010

    I recently found out that the return for fish was only 5 days. I also found out that the service at Big Al's for fish has completly changed because of the lack of politeness and service.
    Since the store employer in the back gave me this information and service,
    I will no longer go to Big Al's because of the big difference of advantages that I found at other aquarium locators.

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    busybrian7997 Sep 25, 2010

    The policy is 5 days and only 50%!

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    Alex Ramirez Jul 04, 2019
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    Verified customer

    Hey, I have the same issue, do they fixed for you? let me know my email [email protected]

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