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12:36 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

All Arizona Auto Recyclers auto

Took my mustang to this place thinking I was getting a great deal on getting my trani replaced for $750-$800, .. I mentioned to them any other work that I 'needed' done to let me know so I can give them the okay to do it. Then I get a call from the 'Mechanic' saying my brakes were bad, which I knew they were, But he tried to charge me an 'extra' $5, $600! I told him I was Getting them done at a different place and he insisted that I needed a new passenger rotor so I agreed to get that done for another $100! The next call I received from this place was that because my trani was changed from a stick to an automatic years before So they had to 're-build' my trani, but that they wouldn't charge me anything extra for it! So far $850-$900 out of my pocket I drive my car off there 'lot' thinking everything is peachy. The 'next' day I had trani fluid under my car, didn't think nothing of it BUT when I drove it My transmission was slipping again as if I hadn't ever been to a shop! So, I added a little more transmission fluid as suggested from a different mechanic and it shifted as it was supposed to untill the next day. Not wanting to ruin any of the 'Good work' that was done I didn't do it again and I just gave them a call and they told me to bring it in! So he looks at it 'again' and says that I need to replace the radiator, I know hardly anything about cars But I also knew that the radiator wasn't the problem. So I left it at that and had my car looked at by a 'mechanic' and they sent me back to the shop telling me that wasn't the problem. So once again I was back at the shop and they wanted to keep my car over night to 'look it over' again. No one seemed to be calling me back, so after a week I called them and they said I neeed a shift changing modulator but they were waiting for the peice, But if I could find it before they got it, I was told to purchase it and then I could just pay for the labor. So after another week passed {no call} I found a shop who can fix the peice I 'needed' even cheaper. So I took it there, they ordered the peice, put it in and realized I didn't even need the peice because of the motor/engine that I had. That was another $60 out of my pocket. Did I mention we're in the recession! Them not even being a full service trani shop noticed that the trani didn't seem to be rebuilt at all, as it drove! So I gave All Az a call and I've Been Getting the run around since December 09' with 'I'll look up your file and give you a call' {no call} I've called these people multiple times since then and still no kind of progress. So should I Take a 'real' mechanic up there to let them know what to do? or Sue them? What do I do now?

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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