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Jun 29, 2020

All American Van Lines — Moving my furniture

hired american van lines tomove me from SC to Mesquite Nevada. There rep told me that it would be so so...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
All American Van Lines, IncMoving Company Scam

On 1/2/10 I moved to Austin, TX and left the bulk of my items in NY because I was not able to transport them at the time. On 1/13/10 my father rented a U-Haul and, along with my brother and nephew, brought the remaining items to The All American Van Lines, Inc. located at 303 Smith Street, Farmingdale, NY [protected]. They were told that the items would not ship that day, but more than likely would go out that Friday and arrive to my home in Austin by the following Mon or Tues. They did not. We waited until 1/22/10 and contacted them regarding the whereabouts and delivery of my items. We were informed that the items just shipped that day and would now arrive the following Wed or Thurs. They did not. On the 28th we called again - please note the moving company has NEVER initiated any contact with us to inform us of any delay with shipping- and were told that the truck was being "held up" because they had other pick-ups and drop-offs to make before they arrived in Texas and my items would arrive on the following Mon or Tues (2/3/10 or 2/4/10) - they did not. Again we called on 2/4/10 and were informed that the truck blew a fuel gasket(?) 2 days prior - again no notice of such was given to us by the company - and it would now arrive on Mon or Tues (2/8/10 or 2/9/10) - it did not. I called again to follow up on 2/8/10 and was told that the fuel gasket blew again and the truck is "assumed" to arrive now on 2/11/10 in the evening.

The company has never initiated any contact with my family to inform us of any delays. The company was not able to provide us with a 'hard' delivery date. The company has not been able to locate the truck to even tell us what state it is in. When the company first told us the gasket blew, I was informed by their sales representative that it was being repaired in Texas, my items were safe on the truck and would arrive in fine condition in a few days. Yesterday, another agency representative named Zachary, told me that the truck was NOT in Texas and he was not sure what state the truck was in. A friend of my niece's works for this company and because of that, the sales rep mentioned "we are doing you a favor. You'll get your stuff. You could have paid triple if it wasn't for us" implying that since they offered a discounted rate, we should ignore their poor business practice. He then said that since we did not specify an exact date, they could take up to 90 days to deliver my items if they wished - a factor that is NO WHERE written in their contract. And may I add, the contract was not even filled out completely. They left several areas blank.

We were advised by the FBI and Suffolk County Police to make a report and follow up in small claims court. Today, 2/9/10, my father and brother did file said police report and were told to file in court on Friday 2/12/10. I have also reported this matter to the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission. We are anxious and concerned because this company can NOT provide an exact date of delivery nor can they even tell us where this moving truck is.

I had offered to meet the truck in Texas to retrieve some of my items when I was initially told that the truck broke down in Texas and was then told they did not know what city in Texas the truck was located. All persons that we have contacted agree that their actions are unprofessional and should cause some concern. I am worried that this company has either sold, damaged or lost my possessions and are too afraid to inform us of that matter.

Sadly, I think that they are gone for good. My father only used this company to prevent me from driving back to NY from TX to obtain the remainder of my items. I have read several complaints online regarding companies that share this same name. I can only hope that they are not affiliated with what I have read about online.

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    • Ro
      Robert716 Oct 28, 2013

      I happen to be on here looking for there number because I used them once before and lost the number. My experience with them was a real good one and I recommended them to many friends. Sorry everyone had a bad experience. I plan on using them again only because most movers I here about are fly by nights, at least they answer complaints. Hope I don't have a problem.

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    • Jm
      JM423 Feb 10, 2011

      OMG These guys are a nightmare! I had them move some things from our storage unit in Philly to our newhome in Florida. When they got to the unit they quoted me a price more than double the original price. I said no thankyou dont pack up my things, and they said "too late its already on the truck on the way. They also told me during the original estimate that I could put the entire bill on my card. Then after they picked up our stuff they told me they would only accept money orders, or wire transfers into their account. They also threatened to throw my stuff into storage if I didnt cough up the money. Im ready to find a lawyer. These guys are CROOKS!!! Avoid Avoid Avoid!!!

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    • Ma
      May-be Jan 22, 2011

      Wow. I can't believe all these complaints. We had an incredible move with this company. My sister recommended them to me because she used them 3 years ago. She moved locally in New York and we just moved from Florida to NY. I initially spoke to someone named Ronnie and then I was mainly in contact with someone named Zack. They were professional all the way. They arrived on time and we were mostly packed but they helped us quickly finish up. They wrapped up everything in blankets, boxing and some kind of shrink wrap. I was really nervous about my dining table and chairs because it's been in my family for generations but it arrived perfectly at our destination, along with all our other things. Overall, I'm glad I didn't see these reviews or I would never had moved with them.
      Overall, I would say:
      PROFESSIONAL - 5 START *****
      EFFICIENT - 5 STARS *****
      PRICE - 5 STARS *****

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    • Ar
      ardavan moaveni Dec 22, 2010

      These guys are incredible, they simply take what they want from the items in your move figuring what are you going to do about it, unless you've taken pictures of every thing as they load it on the van, I'm not sure what you can do. I had several large items in the move that simply did not show up! and of course they've just given me the run around as far as trying to locate them. I don't know whether it's just the movers or the higher ups are in on it too but only use this company if you absolutely don't care what arrives or not. I am not even talking about stuff that was broken of which there was plenty but large items that were plain MISSING.

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    • Cp
      CPetro Nov 25, 2010

      The Good:
      • Staff was very courteous
      • Eager to right the wrongs
      • Accommodating – Due to issues in our new (old) home, I contacted the manager of All American the morning of the move to ask if it would be possible to push our morning appointment back to the afternoon; once I was able to reach the manager (their phone lines were down; thankfully I had his cell phone number) he was happy to oblige and told me that the movers should arrive at our former residence late in the afternoon and would call beforehand.

      The Bad:
      • The workers seemed frustrated and asked me for a flashlight; apparently the truck’s lights were out and it was getting dark out early as it was fall
      • They started arguing and although courteous to us, it was obvious there was tension
      • I heard one of the movers order the others to quit complaining and get moving as he had to be somewhere by 9 PM
      • The movers came equipped with no tools and asked us to borrow tools in order to take apart our furniture
      • The foreman informed me that there would be an extra charge to correctly protect and crate our 50 inch television and offered to save me the money by placing it in my trunk; I declined and was happy to pay the money in order to protect the expensive tv, however this should not have been the first time I learned of the extra charge when I explicitly mentioned the tv on the phone with the manager.
      • No one that I spoke to asked for any kind of real details of what we were moving; the three movers told me that it should have been a 4 person job and that they should have had a larger moving truck

      The Inexcusable:
      • Although no fault of the company itself, one of the movers quit in the middle of our move. Long story short, he told my husband that this was his first week with this company but his tenth year in the moving business, that he was working long days without adequate pay (which I cannot judge) and that he was told not to bother bringing the tools he had in his own vehicle. In the end he wound up staying to help complete the move.
      • Somehow a bottle of champagne, gifted to us in celebration of our first home, was opened and spilled on the carpeting in our apartment. I stumbled upon it and asked what happened to the response of “I must have knocked it over.” When I went to get paper towels to clean it up the bottle disappeared (neither my husband or I threw it away). The next day when tidying up I found the wrapper in another room. How the bottle was opened and spilled remains to be a mystery.
      • I left to go back to our apartment to pick up some things while the movers were moving our belongings into our home. My husband stayed at the house with the movers. In my opinion, it was evident in the way that the truck was unpacked that they were rushing to get the horrible job done and had little concern (if not otherwise directed) for how they unpacked our belongings. My husband, eager to be rid of them, decided to take it upon himself to put the three piece sectional couch on the floor as opposed to standing straight up on it’s side, etc etc etc. I told him that wasn’t his job…

      The Solution to our Issues:
      • The foreman assured us that Saturday evening that his boss was aware of all the issues we had with our move and that he would be expecting our call that Monday to rectify the situation. I waited on Monday to see if I might receive a call, but at 2:30 in the afternoon I phoned the office and spoke to the manager of the company. I walked him through all the details of our experience, including the fact that they were not able to move all of our belongings. He did apologize and assured me that this was out the ordinary. He also had another truck pick up the rest of our belongings the next afternoon and deliver them to our home at our convenience, free of charge. Those movers would not even accept any tip and were extremely polite.
      • When I told the manager that his movers informed me they should have had a larger truck, the manager told me he had no larger truck. I asked what would have happened if they were to complete my move and the answer was they would have gone back to do a second trip. I am not nor never have been in the moving business, but I will tell you that I was moving out of a partial house (ie I lived downstairs from my MIL and had belongings in an apartment, a storage room, the garage as well as the basement) into our first home. I wonder how it would have went if we were moving from a larger place to begin with. Imagine we were moving from our first home to our second….

      End Note – we only moved 6 miles….

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    • Wa
      Wageeh Nov 13, 2010

      I used All American Van Line to move from Syracuse to NJ, they arrive late 4 hours for pick up, and deliver late by midnight. they give me estimate of $1730 and charge me $2750, they refuse to weight the truck as we agreed, claim that all weight station closed. they damaged most of my furnitures and stole many small electronics as Nintendo DS, DVD player, they refuse to assamble some of the furniture and the one that they did collapsed right after they left. I tried to reach the company phone line and I get the message the number is not accessible from my area, and I called on different line, no one answer or return my call. they are punch of Crooks, very unprofessional, I don't recommend them to any human being to use the company unless want to move dirt, here is the company address and phone number
      All American Van Line
      7101 South Orange Blossom Trail
      Orlando, FL 32809
      sale representative is Samantha
      her e-mail address is: [email protected]

      I found so many complaints about them after my move and I plan to file official complaint to BBB and Federal trade commission and may be file small claim court
      Never, Never, Never use or consider this company

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    • Gb
      G Bauer Nov 12, 2010

      I also moved with them and got an incresed bull at the end with no explaination of why, and when I asked, I was told either pay it or we take tour stuff . Seems like ransom for your goods. This company is run by crooks as i see it. I will be making the necessary actions, and legal actions, and luckily taped their conversations for some help. THESE PEOPLE ARE NO GOOD - STAY AWAY

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    • Di
      DIANE54 Nov 06, 2010


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    • Pa
      Papsmurf25 Oct 28, 2010

      I agree. I used this company on a move from Ny to Florida. Not only did they break my telescope and computer desk, the moving men felt it was okay to go through my items and randomly take Playstation 3 games out of their cases, XBOX controllers, broke my lamp and arrived 2 days after they said they would. I plan on making a formal complaint tomorrow to them. they also didn't say anything about a 75$ charge per flight and I live on the 3rd floor. overall my move was quoted at $750 and it cost me about $1100. Add up the damages and missing items, I total it to about $2000. Please never use this company and if the people in government knew how to make this a better country, they would shut companies like this down.

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    • C7
      c79 Aug 26, 2010

      holy crap thanks guys I was considering using them...sorry that happened to you but thank you for giving others a head up

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    • Jo
      John Goldsmid Aug 04, 2010

      I also moved with them and it was a disaster. They showed up two hours late, couldn't take my dining table down the stairs, didn't wrap the furniture with blankets, and didn't handle with care the fragile boxes. They damage my furnitures, and broke few dishes. After complaining i got back $170 back out of $690 but buying a new dining table cost me more than what i paid them. The owner is very nice guy but his employees are mean. After all you move with the movers and not with the owner.

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    • La
      Lauren lynch Jun 30, 2010

      I also used All American Van lines, and what a destroy that was. Myself and my husband moved from Long Island, NY to Hollywood, FL. First the sales guy told me my stuff would arrive in 4-7 days FINE, then come to found out the stuff still wasn't at my home 13 days later. We called the company several times, and always got the run around. I too spoke with Zachary as well as other so called supervisors and managers. Well when my stuff finally arrived the drivers claims he can not fit thru my gates, and did not even attempt to do so, and tells us we must rent a uhaul to transfer our belongs from the moving truck to the uhaul. That's when the [censor] hit the fan, and on top of that the driver wants to be payed before he moves anything, and he stated that if the previous moves left the details on how to put our stuff together then they will if not then we have to put together ourselves. Then in the mist of all that the moving trucks gets a flat tire. I called All American serveral times while the driver is sitting in front of my community trying to figure out a way that this can be resolved, and the only thing they could come up with is that a uhaul has to be rented at our expense, and we can go online and file a claim to get some of our money back. You can bet I will be filing thst claim asap. ANYONE LOOKING TO USE THIS COMPANY PLEASE THINK TWICE. I THOUGHT THEY WERE VERY NICE, AND HELPFUL IN THE BEGIN, AND THEY SUCK, AND THERE INTERNAL STAFF SUCK. THEY ARE VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, NASTY UNHeLPFUL, AND COULD CARELESS ABOUT YOU OR YOUR BELONGINGS . The movers are here today 6/30/2010 and I have not even begin to figure out what our stuff looks like, and if its even all here. The driver has one helper that he picked up off the street that came in a seperate car, which is very strange. Point being this company is shaddy, and all they want is your money. I too did my research on moving companies and thought I picked the right one.

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    • De
      Dee13 Jun 24, 2010


      I referred this case to the Better Business Bureau. It has been resolved and closed, see notes below:
      • MY ITEMS WERE DELIVERED ON 2/15/10 - On 2/15/10 my items were finally delivered by a DIFFERENT MOVING COMPANY – NOT All American Van Lines, Inc. The representative from the company that actually did deliver my items was honest and told me that All American Van Lines, Inc hired them because their van broke down. These guys already had routes and deliveries but they were so friendly and stayed late to help me put my furniture together.
      • THE COMPANY ISSUED AN APOLOGY LETTER VIA EMAIL - Ronnie A. sent me an apology via email stating that his company lied to me about the whole event and purposely kept misleading me about where my items were and when they would be delivered. I am still in possession of said email if any evidence is required.
      • THE COMPANY REFUNDED HALF OF MY FATHER’S MONEY – All American Van Lines, Inc. finally refunded my father half of the money that he paid for the move. Initially, All American Van Lines, Inc was only going to refund $200 despite writing in the above-noted apology email that they would refund HALF back to my father. After I informed the BBB that all of the money was not yet refunded, forwarded the email from Ronnie A. to the BBB and stated that I did not consider the matter ‘resolved’ since he had only given my father $200, the company then issued the remaining balance to my father. I believe this was in 5/10.
      • I AGREED TO UPDATE THE TWO CONSUMER WEBSITES WHERE I POSTED REGARDING THIS INCIDENT - Ronnie A. requested that after I obtained my items and my father was fully compensated, for me to update the two websites so that people would know that the issue was resolved. I agreed to do so, but wanted to state the facts about how this issue came to a conclusion and not just post that my items were received and money returned. I appreciate that All American Van Lines, Inc. admitted fault and repaid my father. I only wish that they were honest up front. It would have prevented this whole ordeal. All things posted are factual and fully documented.

      My personal opinion (not intended to make reference to my dispute with All American Van Lines, Inc): All companies need to be more mindful of their actions when dealing with the public, no matter who their consumer is. Be honest with the consumer because that will work FOR you, not against you. Misleading and dishonesty from any party on any issue will only makes matters worse. This is true for every day issues as well.

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