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7:22 pm EST

All American Movers Do not hire this company

I obtained a telephone estimate for my move which determined I needed two men @ $65/hour for an approximate amount of $500. I had also made arrangements for the vehicle needed for the move. When the movers arrived at the prearranged time, there were three men at $65/hour. I was informed they already had a vehicle and it "would probably cost less" since they already had possession.

I cautioned, in advance of the start of moving, that my leather couch was of optimal importance and should be handled with utmost care. There were scratches which they attempted to cover with red ink and scrapes they were unable to hide. Several pieces of oak furniture had large scrapes of white from hitting walls while moving out. When I confronted the movers about these issues, I was told "you're lucky that's all that went wrong"! or "those were already there". None of my furnishings had any flaws prior to this moving disaster. The job ended up costing me nearly $1000.

I called the office number several times but was always transferred to voicemail. I did not ever get a response.I feel I was a victim of deceptive information from the main office as well as unprofessional and detremental treatment by the workers sent to do the job.There has been no response to repeated phone calls to the business. If I were able to locate anyone "in charge", I would file a small claims suit.They are like smoke in the dark...good luck trying to find anyone responsible. I am offended they used the "Christian" tag to draw people. BEWARE!

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, US
Feb 29, 2012 7:21 pm EST

I obtained an estimate involving two workers @ $65/hour. When they showed up there were three @ $65/hour. Aside from this, they were not careful with my belongings; they tore and scraped my leather couch, scratched my oak furniture, dented my washer, failed to or incorrectly reassembled furniture they dismantled and were disrespectful of personal space. Bottom line... a telephone estimate of " less than $500" turned out to be nearly $1000. Do not be fooled!

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