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4:36 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

All American Fitness Yearly up-keep fee

Well, I am indecisive about All American currently. I have been a member since July 1999 (nearly ten years now). I have experienced some pleasant conditions and very frustrating and inappropriate situations too. Though I must admit that each exasperating event does better me. Let me explain further.

When the All American Fitness Club first appeared in Midwest City, I was overjoyed! At that time, my husband (then fiancé) and I called the gym for further information. We were treated rudely and disrespected. The employees acted as though they were uneducated about their facility and their behavior was such as though they did not care for members. I was appalled! I was determined though, so I called the Fitness Center on the Northwest Expressway. Turns out, my husband and I got a great deal. In fact, we have the best deal of anyone that we know.

I know that the above scenario sounds like a problem. I guess it was an unpleasant event; however, I cannot complain at my great deal. Let me just say, my deal is for two people (tanning, racquetball, and pool included) and for just about all the gyms in my area. My husband and I pay a yearly fee ONLY - our fee is equivalent to the fee that most people pay monthly. There were no tricks! There was no pressure! The man that sold me the contract wanted to make the hassle (basically the drive to the expressway and the treatment of the personnel at Midwest City) worth my time. Unfortunately, the gentleman doesn't work at All American anymore. I believe, it is an assumption, that he was fired. My yearly fee is a positive. TRUST ME, it is an amazing deal!

Now I will move onto a more negative affair. My problem is with the yearly up-keep fee. You see, when I signed my contract there was no $23.00 dollar up-keep fee (I think $23.00 is the amount). Therefore, I was exempt. And, I have been free from the fee. That is, I am exempt as far as my gym membership is concerned. Here's the problem: The Kids Fun Zone changed to monthly/yearly fee for members (or something like that).

I have seen how All American pressures people and have heard how many say they cannot trust the employees. Therefore, I was NOT going to allow a monthly draft of my bank account. After all, I do have some sense! Anyway, I paid in full with my bank card, so I had to sign a "new contract." The contract caused a lot of turmoil.

Instead of giving me a receipt I was handed a "contract." I queried about the piece of paper. I didn't want a contract change or a yearly increase for my membership payment. It was explained to me by both the employee and manager that the contract was really just a receipt. I was told, "Nothing will change on your contract. This is just a receipt for payment of the nursery use. You can ignore everything else on the contract. This is NOT a new contract just a receipt." Indeed the contract was a membership contract (according to the printed title "Membership Contract"), so that paper as a receipt sounded plausible since I was not obtaining new membership. Yes, this contract did mention a yearly up-keep fee. Remember though, I was told it was not a new contract but a receipt. I was even told to ignore "everything else."

Anyway, I ended up receiving a yearly up-keep bill of $23.00. I was deceived! I was pissed (for a lack of a better word)! I signed a contract that was supposed to be a receipt. I complained. After all, I signed a "membership contract" not a "nursery contract." I called the main headquarters with my complaint. The lady tried to pressure me into paying the amount. She was annoyed by me and even raised her voice. She demanded that I pay it or that the amount would be sent to collections. I warned her that "verbal agreements" still apply in court. She then raised her voice stating, "It is just $23.00 dollars. What is the big deal? You are upset over $23.00. Come on. Give me a break. Just pay the amount. It is reasonable." She was very unprofessional to say the least.

In fact, the amount was not "reasonable." Before she got irate, I had explained that my son had/has medical conditions and that my budget didn't plan for an extra amount especially one that I did not intend. I mean $23.00 is a co-pay for one of his many medications. Needless to say, my husband and I did not pay. We refused.

In fact, we have had several friends pull their membership from All American because of this yearly up-keep fee. They signed a contract and were not told about the yearly up-keep fee or were told the $23.00 did not apply to them. One of our friends happens to be a lawyer. Yikes for All American. Off track for a moment, I think the up-keep fee is ridiculous. The equipment is not always working and is not regularly replaced. The restrooms are not the cleanest. Though my boys love the nursery, it is not updated either.

So, we still owe $23.00. The good news though is that my contract wasn't changed. The contract I signed for a "year" nursery ended up being for a lifetime. Again, the negative tension that occurred at All American ended up benefiting my family. We still have not paid the $23.00 -it has not been sent to collections either. I am afraid to pay it since my fees are looking so great. And I have all my contracts -aka receipts- to prove my payments.

In conclusion, even though All American lies and cheats it has been financially good for me. Though I am upset by faulty equipment and unsatisfactory cleanness, I have saved a ton of money. I could not go to any other gym and get the deal I have now. We are still able to have great work out sessions too. Ask yourself if you were us, would you put up with the headache for a savings?

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Aug 13, 2008 7:53 pm EDT

You are one cheap sister! I mean, $23.00? For one year? Have you paid any attention to your other monthly expenses? How do you expect any business to stay in business without some type of increase? $23 is a pittance compared to my electric and gas bill. I think that I'm happy that AA has lights and heat and air. Do you have any type of a businees head on you lady? Doesn't sound like it! Obviously you haven't been in business for yourself or you would know better than to ### about a measley $23.00 per year!

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