This cheat claims to do kitchens in 6, 000 and baths in 4, 000. But he uses such inferior cabinets and his work is also so poor.

I had a cabinet door completely broken down and the floor tiles all shaking and loose in just 3 months, after he finished the work. But he would just vanish after he collects his money. He would never pick up your call nor return your messages.


Might as well pay a little more and hire someone with some work ethics and quality in work.


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    Renee T Sep 29, 2009

    This company took a bathroom which was gutted so severely that I could see the basement because all that was on the floor was a piece of plywood and transformed it to a gorgeous modern bathroom.
    The owner was a darling, the work was perfection, and I am 100% satisfied. I understood completely what i would be receiving in the bathroom for the discounted price - however I wanted a specific style and chose my own fixtures and tile. The owner amended the price to include labor and materials like sheet rock, electrical socks, etc. for less then half of the original quote. However, I could see that he put much more into the bathroom which was not charged.
    The owner even gave up his evening to shop with me at home depot for well over 2 hrs. The install was quick - the outcome was unbelievable. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone.
    I have no affiliation with this company besides the work preformed. I would be happy to send anyone b/f and after pics, my email is [email protected]

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