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M Aug 02, 2018

Dear Aouthority,
Please read how the seller answers my problem below when i complain their product!!!
They didn't want to solve problem. I complain them because they should learn to talk with the customer!!!
If you warn them i will be pleased.

Best regards.

18/07/20 02:40

Hi, you said your battery can use 2H, it is very strange, so I don't believe it and I have seen your picture, the voltage is normal, so I need to confirm all information. pls understand us, if my battery is not good, I can refund to you all.

First of all you must learn to talk with the customer. Be polite!!!

I sent all proof documents what you want. You don't want to solve problem. You are just staring at me and you want me to give up my complaint. I don't need to say lie for 20 USD. I will complain you to Ali express.

18/07/20 01:21
Ann Wong
18/07/19 18:04

Dear Friend:

Good morning!
So can you give me the RC car original battery? you tell me the original battery can be used 2h, I don't believe it, you are a electronical enginneer, I think you should know the battery is 25C discharge current, it is 65A.

I'm an electronical enginneer. If you use low amper that means chrging time will be longer.
I already tried to change Amper 0, 1A, 0, 5A, 1A, 2A. Result is the same.
There is a problem in your product!!!
18/07/19 01:22
Ann Wong
18/07/16 20:17

Dear Friend:

Good morning!
I have seen your picture, the total voltage is 6.25v, the one cell is 3.11v and another cell is 3.14v, now you can set up your charger to LiPo Charge 2A 7.4v(2s), start to charge it. I think it can be used normal?

Hello, I have sent ane-mail with photos. Did you receive them?
18/07/16 06:21
Ann Wong
18/07/11 03:41

Ok, so sorry for the trouble, this is the E-mail: [protected]

I had already taken photo. Just I couldn't load more photo on this page. If you give your e mail i can send all related photos
18/07/11 01:25
Ann Wong
18/07/10 03:18

Hi, it was delivery on 8 June, it is very good when delivery, is it right? I have seen your picture, I don't know the battery's voltage, pls look at the picture, You can test it with a multimeter, the battery don't have the voltage protection, so you must control the voltage when use, it is very important to me, thank you

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