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Last August 30, 2023, I was hired via telegram to do a remote job-translation of 100 pages from English to Filipino.

Yesterday, September 2, 2023, I submitted the finished file.

I informed my project manager and also the file was sent to mangrovecompany.[protected], the same email address which was used to send the task.

I waited for an approval email the same night. And when I got it, I was instructed to message the payment director department.

So, I messaged the payment director using the link given to me and was linked to her instagram account.

The same night, she mentioned that I will be receiving my payment of $2500 for the job, giving her my details. However, a few hours later, I received a message from her stating that my bank account was not linked to the payroll and so the payment is in pending status, unless I'll send the linking fee of $57. I did not know anything about this and asked if they can still do something to help me or if I can talk to someone who can help me since this fee was not mentioned before the task was given to me.

I do not have the capacity to send $57 that is why I need to do the job in the first place. I finished the task 3 days prior to the 5 days deadline. Now, I am not getting paid because I cannot pay the $57 seems to be not fair on my side.

I am appealing to your company to solve this matter since it is causing anxiety on my part. My mental health is suffering right now due to this incident that is why I have to file this complain.

Desired outcome: I would like the payment we agreed upon (which is $2500) to be sent on my account without me paying the linking fee ($57) since they did not inform me about it before giving the task.

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Ghania khursheed
, US
Jan 07, 2024 7:50 am EST
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Same happened to me with different company name BARCLAYS

Loubaba Bennacer
, US
Sep 06, 2023 2:49 pm EDT
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This is what happened to me too

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