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J Nov 07, 2018
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Before dealing with AlgoDepth I decided to check some information about them on their website. Well, now I am sure it's a pure scam and anyone who wants to work with them should think twice or more.
Here are some reasons why you have to stay away from them:
First of all, the website has one non-working page showing 404 error. Just click the "Research" button and you'll see. To me, it's an obvious scam sign. Trust me, a company that cares will never let anything like this happen.
Second, you will only find a phone number and a personal email, but there's no physical address. You may say: just use google and find it out, but I don't think I have to do it because all of the needed information should be shown on the website.
Third, not much information about their fund. I don't know how anyone should make a decision without knowing who and what they are and how they work, what they offer.
Forth, I have no idea what team stands behind this project.
I honestly have more questions, than answers and hence I assume this company is a scam. Please, don't even think of dealing with them.

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