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Alg Capital Real estate loan fraud

Jseph Nguyen played a major croock roll in ALG Capital. He tricked me to get my house refinanced at 3.0% interest rate, 100.00K cash, no prepayment penalty for 10 years for the new loan, no prepayment penalty for my previous loan (he said new loan company will pay them, at no cost to me).
Nothing has happened like he mentioned in his truth of lending document, as above. What has happened that the escrow was completed without my knowledge, my signature was forged, every one got paid off from the loan money and I ended up with no cash in hand, new loan increased by 300.0 k, monthly payment of new loan increased by 40%, prepayment penalty was added to the loan, ALG capital was paid handsome money for writing loan (reward for being the best croock of the town), Appraiser was paid, Notary was paid, prepayment penalty was paid all from the loan. This was not mentioned in the document.
I hired Attorney to present my case to the court. Thios case is in Superior court of Alameda. Attorney was paid nearly $10, 000.00 so far.
I had to short sell the house and get out, losing almost $350, 000.00. If any one knows, where this croock is hiding, please let me know. I have written letters to, Real Estate, Dept. of corporation, police, sherriff and others, but, invain.No answer.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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