Alexanders' Ragtime Hand Car WashBroken stereo with detail

I Denver, CO

I took my car in to get the inside detailed and they told me it would be an hour. I came back in an hour and the owner told me one of his employees cleaned the outside so I thanked him while he held out his hand and asked if I was going to tip him. I walked inside, ready to leave, gave my credit card, Linda ran the card for 90 instead of 80, I guess for the other people's tips. I was pissed, ready to get out of there. I started my car, my stereo started sizzling and blowing out red smoke. I went inside, told them what happened and they told me to come back the next day and they'd have one of their guys fix it. I said absolutely not, it took them an hour and a half to finally get ahold of a Ford dealership on Evans and I-25 and told me to take it there to be looked at. I made them write on a company letterhead that they would replace my stereo, they said no and then finally did it when I asked if I should get a police officer in to witness it. I went to Ford, the guy said they got chemicals in the system and shorted it out and that he could have the part within two days and the car wash would replace it.
The next day I get a call from Linda saying I needed to call her right away. I called her, she told me I needed to either come back there and have one of the "connections" they have fix my stereo or go to Parker. I said I would go back to where we originally set things up on I-25 and Evans and have them fix it, it was where they originally sent me. She told me I was being difficult and needed to drive to Parker that night (Wed Aug 19) or they weren't going to replace anything and that the other people this has happened to didn't make such a big deal out of it. I told her not to threaten me. I had to call the dealership in Parker and ask them if that was what I needed to do, that worker told me to call the other Ford shop and get the number off the stereo so I did that and called him back. The Parker dealership told me that I could wait until the 20 and come in then. I drove one hour there and waited for an hour to have them swap the stereo and then drove one hour back to the car wash. I went in and told them that for my time, my gas, taking time off work and moving clients, the mileage on my car and the hassle, not to mention being a FIRST TIME CUSTOMER, that I wanted a refund. The owner and his daughter Linda laughed at me and yelled at me in their language and told me I needed to get out. The owner came after me and started hitting in my face yelling at me. I left.

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