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Albion Global Inc. Customer Support Very Poor
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The company's complaint resolution process is ineffective due to poor customer service skills, lack of training and inefficient handling of complaints. There's no proper protocol, tracking or follow-up, resulting in unresolved complaints and customer dissatisfaction.
0% of 2 complaints were resolved
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7:59 pm EDT

Albion Global Inc. service to my mac in australia

I have tried both email address I have previously used. - to no avail!
I have tried both Australian numbers I have previously used - to no avail!

Can't make contact with you - I am currently sitting at my computer - but to no avail!

Are you still in business?

Very difficult when you seem to have ditched Australian service.

Let me know please

Doug Merritt Australia [protected]

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6:31 am EST

Albion Global Inc. Scammers

I received the phone call from the company Albion Global. The agent stated that my computer was harmed by virus and he offered me to clean it. I gave him the access to my computer. After that I needed to pay the bill, which was $10. After that the agent provided the contact number and email address, which turned out to be incorrect. I thing they are scammers, and I’m very suspicious that my computer contained any viruses. I wonder if there are other people, who had the same experience. Let’s share views about this company.

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