Albertsonsparking lot safety

G Jul 28, 2019

I have been a customer for many years at this store. Lately 18 wheel trucks have been parking near the entrance to the parking Lot and lining up nose to rear, sometimes three deep. This morning there are 5 trucks (18 wheeler), 2 school buses, and a bobtail truck all parked near entrance to shopping center. I have almost had a wreck in past as you cannot see what is coming across parking Lot as they block view. I told manager and he said he put notes on trucks that they are not supposed to be parked there. It seems to be getting worse as more and different truck are using the lot for parking . Sometimes several days are weeks at a time. I contacted the shopping center realtor and was told that Albertsons controls the lot totally. I complained again this morning and the cashier wanted to know why I cared. I told here it not only was turning into overnight parking for trucks but was a safety hazard. She didn't seem to care about at all. Someone is going to get hurt if this continues. It keeps getting worse as the word gets out among the truckers that they can park gere overnight and even weekly. I really am thinking about no longer shopping there as no one seems to care of customer safety and it is getting worse and is not an isolated incident. The manager had told me of other numerous complaints from customers. I hope you can do something about this as this store has been my neighborhood grocery store since it was built. I have been in my home Dow the street for 42 years. I will drive further down block and start shopping at Wal-Mart Neighborhood market where at least getting in and out of parking Lot is safe. Help please keep our neighborhood grocery from turning into a trip stop parking lot.

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