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Alan Perl's Ultimate Caterers / Ultimate Caterer -- I thought they were great


After reading a complaint on this website, about this business, I had to share my experience with the same company, Ultimate Caterer. I had the pleasure of attending the Asbury Park Mayor's Ball in October 2010 as a guest, and after enjoying the endless parade of culinary delight...

Alan Perl's Ultimate Caterers / Service


I feel compelled to offer my comments; The Ultimate Caterer is the best and they put on amazing parties that have guests raving for weeks following any event! Alan Perl & the Ultimate Caterers have catered my wedding, my son's bris, my nieces Bat Mitzvah, my nephews Bar Mitzvah, new...

Alan Perl's Ultimate Caterers / Wedding Catering Service


So where do you begin when reviewing a Wedding Caterer service that cannot be described on how horrible they were... Find as many blogs and complaints possible from other people who might have used them and then some. I was deployed to Iraq when my Wife was planning our wedding. She went to...