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United States

I entered into an agreement with Priceline and Alamo on 11/26/2019;reference Priceline Trip Number [protected];for a flight on American Airlines and a car rental from Alamo during the dates of Feb.20th, 2019 through March 23rd, 2019 to Panama City, Panama. The agreed upon amount for the car rental was $ 143.81 for the dates of Feb.20th, 2019 through March 22nd, 2019.This was booked and confirmed on 11/26/2019.I called Alamo directly on February 15th, 2019 and spoke with Sergio, who confirmed the total amount for the rental period was $ 143.81 with no additional charges. I was told this was on a recorded line, thereby allowing you the availability to listen to this recording.
When we arrived in Panama Tocumen International Airport, we proceeded to the Alamo counter which Sergio was nice enough to have given me directions from the gate to the counter on February 15th, 2019.It was at that time we were told I had to take Liability Insurance on the vehicle in the amount of $ 16.00 per day. I stated the entire scenario to the gentleman at the counter(through an interpreter) and that I adamantly denied the Liability coverage. He told me the only way I could drive the car was to take the Liability coverage and dispute the charges with Corporate. Since we had no other option, I wrote denied coverage, dispute charges ALL OVER THE AGREEMENT, which I notice Alamo did not put in their package. They also demanded a deposit in the amount of $1100.00 at the time of rental. Once again, I had no other choice, since my significant other and I had 6 suitcases and no other means of transportation for the time in Panama.
We called Alamo while in Panama and were told the same thing, to take the rental and then dispute the charges when we got back home.
When we returned the car, I once again vehemently denied the charges for the Liability coverage and when I refused to sign for the $ 667.84, I was told they would put the total amount of $ 1100.00 that I had to use as a deposit on my account. I was again at their mercy and was coerced and intimidated into signing for the charges. As displayed, I again wrote that I was disputing the charges and had declined Liability coverage.
As soon as we returned home I called Alamo and tried to work out the charges, but was told they would do nothing to satisfy my requests per the Emails. I then called Priceline to place a dispute on the charges and provided all of the agreed upon contract pricing entered into on 11/26/2019.The charges were placed in dispute and I was credited $513.60(the amount charged from the Liability Insurance). When I was notified that you were siding with the Merchant, I requested a letter stating your response and the documentation and correspondence from the merchant.
At that time I contacted the Federal Trade Commission, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and an Attorney specializing in these matters. ALL OF THEM AGREE, I can not be held liable for charges that I was coerced into signing and threatened with retaliatory action if I did not sign.

Jun 12, 2019

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