Alameda County DA Investigations, Dept. Alameda, County Sheriff's Department Oakland and Hayward Internal Affairs Divisions / investigation, fraud aiding, and, abetting concealment of kidnapping abuse of power

1 1225 Fallon Oakland ca, United States

The county's agent's/employees, including Robert chenault (chief of inspectors), Blair Alexander (inspector 2), Shawn knight(inspector 2), Towanda lee (adminstrative assistant to the Alameda county district attorney office), Kelly miles(commander of the San Leandro sheriff's Dept.)
Failed to conduct a proper, didn't give me a full or fair interview process regarding investagtion of and into the facts of kidnapping, aiding and abetting suspects with court orders while having 2 strikes in the system (a least 5 people) police misconduct, concelment of evidence and assult on March 15, 2019. The county completely abandoned it's public and civil duties by saying they investgated when they didn't.
I have documentation and witnesses phone # and addresses
Ed Lacy

Jul 11, 2019

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