Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding Complaints & Reviews

Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding / complaint against booking agent

Jun 03, 2019

Tan on 30 with due respect I want to state that I got my family return tickets against reference number: tmnohu from al tayyar office jizan saudi arabia. They travelled to pakistan on 30 may 2019 and had to travel back on 1/6/2020 but the booking agent wrongly booked it as 1/6/2019. It i...

Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding / altayyar online ticket

Oct 24, 2018

First of all if i select the english language its going to Arabic Support team.. and they are transfereing the call but the call is looping back to the main menu.. again the same is happening 4-5 times, I was trying to cancel my ticket since last 3 days but until now no action has been...

Al Tayyar Travel Group Holding / customer care

Oct 04, 2018

Al Tayyar Travel Group HoldingI booked my flight from Dubai to New Delhi on 2nd oct 2018. Due to prior commitments, I had to cancel my ticket. I called customer care within 30 mins of booking my ticket. I was told the price of cancellation and that I will reach a call within 24hours to follow.its been more than 48...

Al Tayyar Travel Group / unethical behavior

Jul 14, 2017

I am a Saudi student in the U.S. and they booked unconnected flight, so my domestic flight got delayed and missed my international flight, so I talked to the domestic airline to cancel my domestic flight and refund the money to the agency, and now they said they can't book me a...

Al Tayyar Travel Group / $4600 in fraudlent bank charges in 24 hours!!


Al Tayyar Travel GroupSaturday afternoon i tried to use my debit card but it was declined. Knowing i had sufficient funds available, i checked my online account ---- I found more than $4600 in charges and PENDING charges for this company with whom i have NEVER done business nor do i know anyone who has done...