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Recently, the company that AL Power contracts to spray poison along the roadways came up our driveway and killed Oak Leaf Hydrangeas that we had running along our drive. This has happened in years past and we thought we had it handled because we asked that they not come and spray agent orange on our property. We live and operate a business at this location and it serves no purpose spraying these chemicals on shrubs that have no interference with power lines or roadways. It only makes it unsightly. We would appreciate having them replaced and not having any more chemicals sprayed on our property. Attached are a few pictures of our drive, along with the roadways after your contractors come through. So Unsightly!!

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      Oct 23, 2018
    AL Power - Repeated outages
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    Loose power far too often. Is there an upgrade needed to service distribution lines in our area? I have never experienced excessive power interruptions until I moved here.

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