Al Majeed Towers Development and Construction LLCnon payment of salary - attempt to murder by shooting against indian workers.

Sep 02, 2018

7 Indian laborers were trapped in the Sultanate of Oman. The workers were not paid 10 months salary. The workers were asked salary to their sponsor. Suddenly hope the sponsor took pistol and shoot. It would have beaten with cane. The employees afraid and run away. Now they don't have staying for shelter and no work no money
This problem informed in the Indian embassy (22/06/2018) but not take any action. The officer in the embassy Mr. Salimath and Mr. Ibrahim forcing the laborers to the work again and they are ignored serval times workers complaine.
We request our government to look in to the matter and do the needful.

  • Updated by Jiju Mon · Sep 03, 2018

    Were 7 peoples homeless in oman which is shooted by sponsor in Al majeed towers and developers and construction LLC Muscat

  • Updated by Jiju Mon · Sep 03, 2018

    This vedio about that labors affair and running when their sponsor attempting gun shoot

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