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B Aug 01, 2018

I already closed my account since July 05, 2016. I received call from Emirates Islamic Bank last week within July 24 to 26, they told me that i need to visit the branch because I have a negative amount in my account of AED -10.99. I was shock because I already close my account to them since 2016 So I visited the branch in Abu Dhabi to raise this concern. They told me that the account is not close yet. How come its not close, my salary is not deposited already there since July of 2016. The most shocking is I need to pay almost 600 dirhams because of the AED 25 every month they deduct to the account, which is the reason why I change the bank because of the maintaining balance charges. They told me that I need to settle this amount to be able to close the account again. Why I need to pay it? In the first place why the account is still open? I even withdraw the remaining money I have in my atm before so I can close the account. The branch where I close my account is Airport Road Branch.

The Abu Dhabi branch told me to call their call center to raise my concern, when I called the call center they couldn't help me because they need my account number or debit card number which I don't have anymore because I even surrender my atm when I close my account. The call center told me that only the branch can help me….Oh my God this is crazy, why the Abu Dhabi branch cannot help me regarding this problem. Can you find a way to help me please.

To sum up everything, i will not pay the AED 600 they are telling me, i already closed my account. Why the Airport Road Branch did not close my account? It's not my problem if they did not close my account which i requested them to do so. I can only pay the negative amount (AED -10.99). If you can check my account history, you will see there on July 05, 2016 i zero out my account to be able to closed it. My registered number i am using before is [protected]. Kindly waive this charges so i can pay the negative amount and reclose this account again.

Bjornborge Bautista

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