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AirRattle Complaints & Reviews / These guys are criminals, stay away from them

Aug 10, 2012

We bought a new airsoft gun for our nephew from he opened it Christmas day and it broke after 15 shots. After we looked at the gun closer we realized it was a used gun. airrattles website doesn't have an address or phone number listed. They responded to our e-mail 2... / Charged the battery as instructed, but it did not work out of the box

Jul 02, 2012

Bought an Air Soft gun from them for $140. Charged the battery as instructed, but it did not work out of the box. E-mailed them the day after receiving the defective gun/battery, it took them 8 days to respond as follows, "I do apologize but the battery and charger that is provided with... / Stay away from these guys

Apr 11, 2012

I made my order and went to pay there paying online system messed up and they keep the money from paypal called the next day the lady said she cant see if it went throw but she dont think it did and got rude with so i had to call paypal and get the paypal guy to call them and the lady... / Don't give them your money

Jan 23, 2012

Along with other reviewers, I bought a air soft gun for my son for Christmas 2011. This was his main gift, and the gift that he wanted most. He used the gun 2 times before the power quit working. We emailed Airrattle on December 29th and they immediately started giving suggestions on how... / They truly are crooks and should absolutely be shut down!

Jan 03, 2012

I ordered several items for my son for Christmas 2011. They arrived in damaged packaging. I assumed that someone at Airrattle had not taken the care to use bubble wrap and that they were damaged in transit. Having read of others' experiences, I now question whether they were already... / If you're reading this to decide whether to buy something from them, run

Jan 03, 2012

I purchased an AK-47 airsoft gun as a Christmas gift. When it was opened, it stopped working immediately on Christmas morning. I emailed airrattle support immediately on the first business day after Christmas, and heard nothing back. I emailed another 2 times, and called on several... / They are unethical and should be avoided

Dec 21, 2011

I ordered and received an AK-47 rifle which I had a week before even opening the box, it was a Christmas present and I gave it early to my son. Well, the stock folding mechanism was broke right out of the box, the gun was not even fired. I sent e-mails asking for help I suggested shipping... / This company is bull $#*!, do not buy from them ever

Aug 31, 2011

I ordered a scar from this website (300 $ gun!) and it broke right when I got it. Guess what happened? The trigger just broke off. I went through about 5 weeks of emailing them (or some socalled person named Amber) and finally got a replacement. It broke also. I was like wtf man. I tore it... / These guys sent me defective merchandise

May 09, 2011

These guys sent me defective merchandise, so they sent me an RMA, then I get an email accusing me that I broke the material and they would not exchange it. Kind of funny how the product was not working out of the box. It is also real funny that they said I used a plastic clip to bend a... / Customer service is awful and I think the website is more of a scam than an actual business

Mar 18, 2011

I bought a Christmas gift from this website. Item did not work out of the box. Informed the company and they sent me a list of suggested steps to fix it (take gun apart, test the electricity with a volt meter, etc). All ridiculous since the gun was brand new and the suggestion was I... / Best airsoft store out there!


I made a purchase from about three months ago for a airsoft aeg gun and it has been working great. It seems like their gun has more FPS than other airsoft guns I have purchased from other sites. I got my gun two days after I ordered it!! Amazing website and super friendly...

AirRattle / This company is unprofessional and untrustworthy


DO NOT ORDER FROM AIRRATTLE.COM. I purchased a birthday gift that I left in the original packaging until it was openend at the birthday party 2 weeks after I received it. The AK 47 electric airsoft gun would not work right out of the box. I notified the company within 24 hours of opening...